Friday, November 15, 2013

413 of 1001 Albums: Michael Jackson's Bad

It's true. I had been awaiting the day that Michael Jackson arrived on the list, and he finally did. I've thought Thriller sounded good and it's a tune that gets stuck in my head when the Halloween time of year happens. This isn't the album that contains that hit, but it has other enjoyable tunes like "Smooth Criminal", which I did give a couple of listens.

History: Michael Jackson didn't have everyone so welcoming to the follow up to Thriller, but that isn't very shocking considering how huge of an album that went on to be. Bad showed a bit more a serious side of Michael Jackson with tunes like "Man in the Mirror". This album would be one of the first albums in music history to produce five hit singles as well. Jackson did intend for this album to have more duets to it, but the duets actually fell through. Recently, a 25th anniversary of this album was released falling Jackson's death.

Vocals: Jackson has some of the most distinctive vocals there is, and I like how he makes it work with a variety of songs. "Man in the Mirror" as been stuck in my head since I heard it. I just like how with songs like that he puts a whole lot of emotion with it. He's one of the few naturally talented pop singers there is. Sometimes I think people let his personal life way over the fact the guy did have real talent. Another song that I liked his vocals on were "Smooth Criminal". I remember hearing the cover from Alien Ant Farm in middle school or maybe my first year of high school. It does some unique patterns with the vocals that are fun to listen to.

Instrumentals: This is one of the few pop albums I've had to listen to so far, and I wish there was more on the list. Jackson's pop also takes a lot into that is enjoyable the 80's. There is a huge list of engineering and musicians involved in putting this album together. Whether's it some sort of machine to create sound or a guitarist it just gives the music pop already behind the vocals.

Recording: The recording has this vibe that lasts through time. There are elements of his music that you still here in the same genre till this day, and it shows why he's just as popular these days as well. While this didn't achieve the same level of sales, "Thriller" is still the number one selling album worldwide, and nothing has beaten it in sales. With this album Jackson seemed to have found a more serious side though.

Overall, I guess what I didn't expect was how some of the songs had a darker tone. It brings a level of seriousness that I just didn't expect. It's balanced with songs that are very easy to move to or get upbeat to as well. I thought the album was as catchy as I imagined  it would be. It's one of the few albums I will make rounds again to listen to.

Rating 8 of 10.

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