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5 of 1001 Songs: Joe Falcon and Cleoma Breaux's Allons A Lafayette

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Well with the song list it is time to travel to Louisiana with Joe Falcon and Cleoma Breaux. I found this photo of them that and I've got to say they look a tad happier than many other photos from that time. Falcon played the accordion and Breaux played the guitar as shown. As with the few classic songs I've listened to so far, I enjoyed this as well. It's just relaxing and the song has this interesting story to go along with it. I just feel it is rich in culture and content.

History:  Allons a Lafayette is the B-Side to a 78 RPM album that was recorded by Joe and Cleoma. It is based on an older song called Jeunes Gens de la Campagne. What makes this song really unique and interesting for me is that it is the first Cajun song to be recorded. I didn't even know there were Cajun songs.

Vocals: The vocals sound like mainly Joe Falcon. He has a voice that is suiting for the style of music they are singing in the Cajun style. It isn't like he gets too carried away with his voice though. He sounds like he is singing like he talks, but it works. It gives the song the personality it needs, and I can imagine that if you're wanting to have some sort of swamp party this would be just right! I did honestly like the vocals he used even if it wasn't the most talented thing every. Cleoma is also known to contribute vocals and I'm sure she did in this song, but it wasn't as prominent to me.

Instrumentals: Not only can Joe Falcon sing, but he can also play accordion. I think the accordion sounds so good. I know over time it's commonly been associate with characters like Steve Urkel or whatever. The accordion though is such a diverse instrument. It can sound country or exotic. He plays it well in this song and it continues to be this instrument I love to hear. Cleoma Breaux is playing the guitar, and I like how she weaves that into the whole song. Also the two did get married, whether they were at the time of this recording, I don't know.

Lyrics: The lyrics have that nice story telling trait that many of the earlier songs do. What I can gather from the lyrics is that a couple is living far apart, and the man wants the woman to move to be closer to him, and also change her name to something literally mischievous. It also seems that he think she is acting like "tramp" and that she needs to act pretty like she looks. It's interesting and makes you wonder further about the couple and what will happen to them.

Allons a Lafayette may not be a song you could easily listen to today as it's one that sounds better probably performed live since the recording is still rough. The sound of it is very light and it's enjoyable to hear something that sounds fun in nature. The lyrics do allude to something that sounds like an intriguing story though, and it makes you wonder how the lady feels about how the male is perceiving her in the song.

Rating 8 of 10.

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