Monday, November 25, 2013

7 of 1001 Songs: Trio Matamoros' Lagrimas Negras

Cuban music is interesting and fun. So with Trio Matamoros being next to listen to  I was excited. It also is some of the best recorded quality music I've heard that was at least released around the 1930's. There isn't much known about this song or band honestly though. They are probably the band and song so far that contained the least information regarding who they are and their impact on music.

History: Trio Matamoros was one of the most popular Cuban trova groups. The three guys who made the band were all singers and composers who contributed to the music.  The quality of their lyrics were some of the first recorded, and they have much of their songs on CD's today.  The band formed in 1925, and was around till at least the 1960s. They traveled everywhere from over seas, to Mexico, and even New York with their music.

Vocals: The vocals sound good, and the harmonizing between the three really works to capture the tone. Even if you can't speak the same language there is something about the way they sing that still resonates across the music. I just like how the whole of the song is composed to make this tune that is alluring and catchy as well to listen to.

Instrumentals: The trio also played their own instruments. Miguel Matamoros was on the guitar. Rafael Cueto was on the guitar as well, and Siro Rodriguez was on the maracas and claves. The instrumental arrangement comes together to make something that is very Latin and beautifully composed. The guys were some of the stronger ones at the time of piecing together music where a vivid sound is showcased.

Lyrics: I had to read a rough translations of the lyrics, but it isn't difficult to pick up on how sad the content is of the lyrics. It's probably the first sad song I've listened to on the list, especially one made so early on. It deals with heart ache and lose though romantically. The lyrics also are a little vague in nature so that seems more modern. It still has something though that isn't so vague you can relate to what the guys are singing about though.

Lagrimas Negras was a song that is a bit difficult to find anything on. The band even doesn't have too much about their time together that can't be summed up in the length of this blog alone. Their sound is good though, and if you are interested in this style of music this is the band to make a part of that list or just go ahead and get started with.

Rating 7 of 10.

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