Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Review: Lisa Wingate's Firefly Island

Firefly Island is a tie in to two previous novels before it. I couldn't make sense of how these characters existed in past novels though, unless a lot of the characters there were already there before the previous book and the focus was on new additions. Regardless, this book was just very long winded. There were so many unnecessary passages working through the lead characters thoughts, and very cheesy scenes all over the place. I guess what is shocking for me is all the great reader reviews I've seen regarding this book. I just don't get it.

Summary:  Mallory is 34 and working in congress as a staffer. When she bumps into Daniel at her office though a whirlwind romance begins. She goes from having no males in her life to two. Daniel also has a son, Nick, that she instantly becomes a mother to. Daniel though has revealed he is moving to Texas for a job, and for Mallory to feel comfortable coming along she gets married to Daniel trusting in her love for him. She leaves all she knows behind including her family. After arriving in Texas though she finds suspicious deaths have happened, and her husband is going to work for the man rumored to have caused them.

Characters: Oh my gosh. There isn't a blander set of characters then you'll find here. Mallory is a walking piece of cardboard. She goes through all the typical female things that are just embarrassing to read. She's a 34 year old woman who blushes over sex, nags her new husband, and instantly attaches herself to a child out of motherly instincts. The woman who didn't raise Nick, her new stepson, is painted out to be an evil woman who didn't want children and chose her job over family.  It's such an embarrassing and archaic stereotype. Let's move on though. Daniel is also very bland, and his dialogue doesn't sound like a guy's. Christian Grey sounded more like a man than he did. There is also the kid, Nick, and also not interesting. Plus, Wingate tries to mimic the accent of some of the people living in this area of Texas. Now some people can pull off accents great, like Stephen King, then there is this, and I didn't know what they were saying.

Writing: The writing rambles forever. If you write a novel from the perspective of someone then don't try to cheat your way out of that by giving them a million assumptions to play over in the narrative, and then magically they all come true. Also, it's like her husband can her mind along with most other characters. It's just so generic. I just don't like reading about the other puzzling over what her husband might assume about Jack West and then poof he tells her that is exactly what he was thinking. Plus, Mallory just isn't written in a way that makes her an appealing character.

Plot: The plot for over half the book drags. She is going to Texas with this huge weight over her head that they are going to work for a killer. Her husband is irresponsible enough to drag his very new family that is in fragile territory considering they have been dating only 2 months before into a very rocky circumstance. It just makes Mallory look really desperate. We don't even get into the mystery of the killer till the last bit of the book, and it is so underwhelming. Also, why at 34 does Mallory seem so immature? She isn't acting like an independent, mature working woman. She is acting instead like she just got out high school.

There is an audience for Firefly Island, for those who like a clean, romance, alternative there are people who eat this up. I feel that just because you're wanting to be more "faith" based, and more absent of sexual scenes that doesn't mean your novel has to be bad. I feel that this book wasn't even really faith based. It's published by a Christian company so it's almost like Wingate forced in some passages from the Bible, and a few prayers to show that characters are Christians, but more focused on developing their love lives than their faith in Christ.

Rating 2 of 10.

This book was provided by Bethany House in exchange for a review.

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