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Bookshelf: E.L James' Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether people have read it or not it seems that most people have an opinion about this book. One of my hugest pet peeves is hating something that you've never read, watched, or listened to though. Out of curiosity I finally got around to reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The talk of the movie made it difficult to keep putting off. In 2011 a book that began as Twilight fanfiction hit the scene. It's pretty obvious it has Twilight origins, and I'm sure E.L. James wasn't shocked by the negative reaction. For some reason women can't enjoy things without it being bashed whether it's Twilight or this. I forget that Playboy is scholarly.

Summary: Anastasia Steele is a 21 year old with a promising future. She has hopes of working in the publishing industry. Before graduating college she meets Christian Grey. Grey is a wealthy business tycoon who feels intrigued by Ana from the moment he meets her. She also has become intrigued by him, but Grey has a lifestyle that only those he knows practice the same he lets in a relationship with him. While Grey is interested in Ana she would have to not be put off by his private lifestyle.

Characters: To be honest, and not too purposely jump on any negative train, but they aren't the most well developed characters. If it wasn't for the people reading this wanting sex every other page then I can't see anyone reading this because it's compelling. Ana is very juvenile for a woman. I get that she is just on the verge of graduating college and young, but she has a lot going for her that makes her strong and successful career wise yet around a man she becomes a teenager. It's a tad embarrassing. Christian Grey is a tad better developed, but that makes sense. As an author it's understandable that you get attracted to your characters, and James has. Grey has all the trademarks of a dream man that a woman wants. He has a rough past that has caused him coldness in the future, he's tall, dark and handsome, he's successful, and he likes to woo a woman. His past might be intriguing to find revealed as you go, but it's also so generic that he doesn't ever seem real.

Writing: E.L James did get her start on If someone wanted to publish something you wrote and paid you wouldn't you take it? The writing is obviously someone who was just writing for fun though. There are a huge amount of adverbs and adjectives thrown in that make the writing a lot chunkier than it needs to be. The writing part that seemed most off to me was Christian Grey's character. I understand that the female perspective from Ana works for the narrative and her dialogue, but whenever Grey speaks he does not sound like a man speaking. At moments this just felt like a lesbian relationship. He has very feminine phrases and words that he uses that doesn't always mesh with how she paints him outside of how he talks.

Plot: Is there a plot? Well yes. Two people meet from different lifestyles. One chaste the other highly sexually experienced and begin to have real feelings for one another. The key to what is behind these two characters is that they've never shared the real feelings that they have with anyone else but each other. I guess for someone like Ana who has never had sex, never even had a sexual experience with herself, she jumps into a very trusting and kinky situation very soon. I think most virgins without any knowledge or experience of their own pleasure would be more frightened. Christian Grey has a reason he is like this though. He isn't just some guy born with BDSM tendencies. This leads into the other books as well because Ana ultimately wants him to get past those things that have caused him only to be interested in a cold, one sided relationship.

Trash it, don't read it, love it, or call it a guilty pleasure, everyone seems to have some response to the book. The things is everyone is acting like this is the first erotica book ever written, especially about BDSM. I really don't know why everyone chose this one to talk about. I've never read erotica to be honest. While reading this one though I wasn't shocked reading it. You can find most of what's in this book in any Cosmopolitan magazine sitting in your grocery store. Maybe I'll catch some hate for reading it for multiple reasons, who knows.

Rating 5 of 10.

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