Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday Movies: 50 First Dates (2004)

I've seen no cuter movie this year, and one that men can enjoy too at that. In one of Peter Segal's better movies he has two lead actors that really carry the chemistry of the movie. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are sort of oddballs who are comedic who seem to be magnets in this movie. It is appreciated how this movie is simple, bright, cute, and while overall happy in tone, it also has this vibe that keeps it grounded in some form of reality. It ends on a very high note, but not one so high we forget the situation.

Summary: Henry Roth has avoided commitment, until he meets Lucy. After meeting Lucy he falls instantly, and goes to have a second date with her, only to find out she can't remember their first date. Now Henry may have to make more of a commitment than he ever has to a woman to win her over and over. Everyone is very protective of Lucy though, including her family, who plays along in repeating the same day over and over, so she doesn't realize that she is stuck on the last day she can remember.

Acting: I can't say that I've ever been a huge fan of either Drew Barrymore nor Adam Sandler in anything I've seen them in, but I thought they were great together in this movie. Adam Sandler isn't someone you would imagine who would portray a guy like Henry Roth. A guy who jumps from woman to woman seems like it might have a different lead, but Sandler is very suiting as Roth. I still don't think Sandler adds the real comedic value to the movie, but he fits the role. Drew Barrymore is Lucy and this is one of the better roles I've seen her in. Lucy is very quirky, childish, but she is charming as well, so you can see why Henry might fall for her. Rob Schneider has been in plenty of odd movies in odd roles, but in this one he takes an odd role and makes it work for a more subdued movie. To be honest his character Ula provides much of the comedic relief. Sean Astin is also very funny as Lucy's brother, Doug. This came out around the time he was doing The Lord of the Ring movies so it's just an interesting mix.

Filming: The setting adds heavily to the movie. I almost don't even know that the movie would have worked as well anywhere else. With Henry Roth's job as a guy who studies animals, and Lucy's attachment to the locals it blends to add to the vibe of the movie. Also, the director has a way of being able to switch from clip to clip to get the comedic timing done. It's not overdone either. The comedy isn't forced into the movie, but occurs naturally.

Plot: Anyone who even tries to find something remotely serious about the plot will be disappointed. It seems some people want to over analyze the scenario of memory loss and what not, and I think if you do that it will be disappointing. With it's 2004 Valentine's release this was just intended to be a fun, cute movies that both men and women can enjoy. The development of the plot is one that keeps you interesting, and it allows growth from the characters. I couldn't think of any better ending after I thought over it either. I may have made a slight change, but that is about it.

50 First Dates did surprise me with how much I enjoyed it. It's been a while since I've seen a romantic movie, and usually they just don't stick out as memorable to me to keep exploring them. This one revived my interest though. I like the blend of romance and comedy to make it a romantic comedy you can recommend to others. I will end by saying I don't get the Kid's Choice awards nominations awards and nominations for this movie. It is not meant for kids to watch.

Rating 8 of 10.

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