Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: Grown Ups 2 (2013)

Well if there was barely a plot with the first Grown Ups, then in the second one there was none at all. That doesn't stop most sequels nowadays, and almost every movie has one. To be honest, the first Grown Ups was simply funny. It has a lot of comedians in it, and it worked. The second one though has an obvious missing character, and no explanation as to where he went. Rob was one of the best friends in the movie so it seems someone would cover what happened, but instead to try to make us forget his character is replaced by Nick which tries to make up for his oddities in a not too great way.

Summary: Lenny has moved back to his hometown after getting away from his job to be closer to friends in his hometown. This brings Lenny, Eric, Kurt and Marcus back together, and leaves them nothing short of the trouble they seem to be capable of finding. They encounter everything from a dangerous bus driver, to police, to college bullies. This sends the crew to throw their biggest party yet themed in the 80's to prove they can still be as wild as they always were to the younger bullies.

Acting: The acting is just like the previous movie, and honestly for much of it that isn't the real problem. It seems to become more of the Adam Sandler show and the rest of the cast is left with less parts. It sort of makes sense considering Lenny's family is the one going through the change though. Kurt and Marcus have very small stories, and Eric is the only other who has a few more parts than the others. I couldn't remember any scene where the cast seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as there filming the first one though. I'm sure Rob Scheider wasn't a huge lost for anyone who watched, but it was obvious that his character was absent, and no one even mentions him the entire movie to explain why.

Filming: The filming doesn't add much to the comedy. I think the shots try to increase the humor in some way but it doesn't really work. There were some funny moments, but as the movie went on and the situations become more out there it just got more into territory that wasn't. I think a lot of scenes could have just been cut to shorten the time and preserve some sort of plot.

Plot: There honestly was no plot to this. I think what I at least liked about the first one was the idea that these guys were dealing with loss that brought them together, and also discovering they weren't quite as mature as they thought. In this one I guess it was about getting older and dealing with the younger cooler crowd than you? It leads up to this huge 80's party in the hopes of throwing a better party than the frat boys. I think what lessened this movie for me as well was the character Nick. It was completely obvious someone felt they had to fill in the missing part that Rob with a character even more strange than him.

Grown Ups 2 was just a movie that made no sense as a sequel. It's not like the first one had a ton to run off of. There are a few funny moments here and there in the movie, and lots of cameos in the movie, but they had so many missing pieces that made the movie feel unprepared as well. The acting is decent, but even some of the main cast seems to take a back seat to Sandler in this one.

Rating 4 of 10.

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