Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: The Rundown (2003)

Action comedies seem to be in scarce demand in the past few years. I don't know maybe I'm just not thinking or looking hard enough to recall the ones out there. In 2003 though, Peter Berg released The Rundown. It features some laughs, a good cast, and a lot of action that works. It's a movie that you can sit back and enjoy throughout without having to also invest too much into it.

Summary: Beck is an aspiring restaurant owner who currently helps a mob boss track down those who owe him. Beck is wanting to move out of the mob business though and get into the food one. He agrees to do one last rundown for his boss, Walker, if he let him go and finally pay him enough to start his restaurant.  The last run will send him to Brazil to seek out the boss's son. Once there though a lot more is going on that his son, Travis, is already wrapped up in. The town operator, Hatcher, has basically made slaves of the inhabitants, and is in search of a rare treasure that Travis is aware of, and has found the location of. So no only does Beck have to retrieve him alive to go home, but also keep Hatcher from hunting him down.

Acting: This is Dwayne Johnson's better roles. He's a good actor, and one of the few who is notably able to transition from wrestling to acting. Johnson as Beck add some more funny moments, and he works well with the other members of the cast to make the movie more fun than serious. Seann William Scott is Travis, and he's funny, but he also plays this fitting role of sort of being a jerk. I sort of wonder what happened to this guy though while watching? That is is the biggest mystery for me considering he seems to just have disappeared from movies. Christopher Walken is the creepy Hatcher, and does his nice blend of being serious and conveying comedy. There is also Rosario Dawson as the woman,Mariana, on the search for the treasure before Travis or Hatcher can find it. She creates a bit of a love interest and woman in a movie laden with men.

Filming: Personally, I thought the vibe of the movie was great. It's very bright, it's very warm, and just matches the tone of the movie well. With it being an action movie there are plenty of action scenes galore, and I like how the movie never get so serious it's too gory or the bad guy feel really threatening. You get some passionate motives for the characters to get behind though like Mariana only wanting the money to help the people in the area.

Plot: Personally, I just loved how easy the plot was to follow. Beck arrives to find Travis easily in Brazil, but once there he gets a bit involved with the hunt for the local treasure and his heart won't let him abandon Mariana to try to rescue the land herself. I liked how it got all the characters invested. Plus, this is a comedy, and I like how the comedy slips more into relying on the surroundings and the people for humor instead of a bunch of sexuality. It's so easy to make fart or sex jokes. There are some memorable scenes with some monkeys though that are pretty hilarious.

The Rundown is a good comedy flick with some action that has some good acting from it's cast. Rosario Dawson let's her accent slip a few times which is obvious, but that isn't so distracting. I like the shots that amp up the action particularly when Beck is at the bar fighting at the beginning. Overall, it's a light and enjoyable movie.

Rating 7 of 10.

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