Monday, November 11, 2013

Saturday Movies: Black Rock (2012)

You won't be able to help but laugh at this one. I also would have hated to direct myself in this one as Katie Aselton did. What else has she done? I am unsure. She also directed the 2010 movie, The Freebie which has just about the same rating as this movie. She likes to direct herself as well and naked. There are many problems working for this movie though including the chopping editing, the odd hipster vibe, and some very bad acting.

Summary: Three women unite for a camping trip, but only at the persistence of one friend, Sarah. With past issues beginning to stifle the fun between the three though, Sarah only hopes that Lou and Abby can work past those problems. Their trip is disrupted when they come across three men, one who is familiar from childhood. They invite the group to hang out with them, but after a misunderstanding between the two groups, things go awry and the women find themselves on the run from a new threat.

Acting: This is some of the worst collectively gathering acting I've seen. Lake Bell is Lou, and in my personal opinion she wasn't bad. My fiance thought otherwise, but I thought she was believable. I was sort of shocked to see that she is being sort of threw around as an option for the Oscars this year for another movie she played in. Kate Boswort isn't so bad either as Sarah, and of the three she is the only likable character in the whole movie. Katie Anselton rounds out the three women as Abby. She is by the far the weakest actresses between them. Where the acting goes really bad though is from the male characters. Henry isn't so bad, but Alex and Derek are pretty embarrassing to watch.

Filming: I don't get what this movie was going for as far as vibe. We start out with some hip, indie, music. and this font of the title of the movie has a hipster vibe. Not only that, but the appearance seems like it is going for indie as well. The whole plot and story do not match what this movie is establishing through appearance though. Anselton just seems confused on what she is going for. The setting and the vibe never instill fear in me, and the indie music feels like I'm about to watch Twilight. There are also shots that are very jumpy and don't match with one another.

Plot: The plot is pretty weak as well. The huge leap from scenario to scenario to showcase how the women's situations grows out of control is just very forced, and the poor acting from the crazed men also doesn't help. Basically a huge attachment to one man spirals their situation out of control as one man goes crazy over his loyalty to his friend. There is no real explanation as to why these guys are crazy or their iffy past they detail to the women.

Maybe Katie Anselton will learn that she doesn't seem to be growing as a director. I'm not sure why she seems to be motivated on directing movies with poor scripts like these especially since by everything in this movie she seemed to be signalling that she wants to direct indie movies, not odd thriller/horror ones. Kate Bosworth and Lake Bell just must be really good friends to do this one.

Rating 2 of 10.

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