Saturday, December 7, 2013

420 of 1001 Albums: Fatboy Slim's Better Living Through Chemistry

Look at that old floppy disc on the cover! Anyways, I remember being ten when I first heard Fatboy Slim. The song I heard is not on this album. It was "Praise You" and I remember it being this huge hit that transcended over all types of genre interest for people. You didn't have to be into breakbeat music to like it. Anyways, this album is a little less mainstream than that. It doesn't have any lyrics and seems like the track to a Guy Ritchie movie.

History: This is the debut album from big beat musician, Fatboy Slim. The album was released in 1996 and is a play on an advertising slogan for DuPont. If you're thinking some of the songs on the album sound familiar then you're right. There have been a couple of shows and movies that have used the songs on the album for soundtracks. The album received everything from mixed to positive reviews, showing probably only more big beat fans can enjoy it thoroughly.

Vocals: Unless you're listening to tunes like "The Weekend is Here" there isn't any signs of vocals on the album, and even that isn't really vocals. It's almost like a generated sound effect to just add to the vibe of the tune. And considering it's talking about the weekend it gives the idea that everyone can get together on that. The song has a couple of the same usage of that effect in other songs, but overall this album is all about the beats.

Instrumentals: I guess the question to be asked is how is one guy, Fatboy Slim, responsible for all those catchy beats? He uses a variety of instruments to do so like the keyboard, a turntable, bass guitar, guitar, and drums to get the sounds you hear on this album. So it doesn't only have the make up of an electronic arrangement but a variety of other instrumentals as well.

Recording: The recording is one that does have this 90's flare, but I think I still hear a lot of music around like this. I know some who are fans of this genre are laughing and saying "Sure there is!" I wouldn't know though as I don't listen to it. Regardless, the style is cool. It has this very fast paced tempo that would fit well for people looking for some energy.

Fatboy Slim shows that he has a unique style and talent. I can't say I will be picking up on listening to the beats any time in the near future again though. While good, it also had parts that were a little bit difficult to get through, and the album felt very long. Some of the songs used sound effects that weren't appeasing to my ears either, and seven minute would be a long time for a song to be playing.

Rating 6 of 10.

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