Wednesday, December 11, 2013

421 of 1001 Albums: The Pharcyde's Bizzare Ride II

The Pharcyde is a hip hop band like one of the first of it's kind at the time. There is a lot more rhythm and beats that sound well arranged into the tunes. I think the lyrical content will still keep me from listening though. Otherwise I do prefer their style of rapping, and I like how they seem to be using a lot more real instruments in their songs.

History: This is the debut album The Pharcyde, released in 1992. At first the album wasn't popular among the audience. Over time the album has been much better well received even making the best of album lists. The album at the time did meet with reviewers who enjoyed the sound, but that couldn't help the sales. The album's lyrics was much the appeal for some people with the content ranging from being about sexual encounters, to drug use, to violent acts.

Vocals: There were many vocals involved in this album, but the main vocals were Fatlip, Slimkid3, Imani, and Bootie Brown. It was a struggle to type out some of those names. I don't know why someone would make themselves purposely taken less seriously by calling themselves Bootie Brown. Anyways, as far as vocals their rapping is patterned well, and it does flow well with their instrumentals. The lyrics they are singing aren't that appealing to me, but their vocals do help it out a lot at least.

Instrumentals: I saw that J-Swift was listed for the bass and piano on the album, but the rest of the album includes tons of engineers. I think the few instruments they use on the album go along way in making the album better. It gives the song more of that beat. I wish more instruments had been enlisted for the album though.

Recording: The recording does have a 90's hip hop vibe to the tune, but I feel the sounds were so progressive that they are just as easy to listen to today and be something that you can enjoy whenever. Also, you don't have to be an older hip hop fan to appreciate the music. I think the beats and sounds are still just as prominent, and you can hear how they influenced artists today.

The Pharcyde is one of the better hip hop groups I've listened to. The lyrics will always keep me at bay as I just can't get into how women are perceived. Otherwise I do think it would be very easy to move with the flow of their songs, and if you enjoy rap, then this is some of the better rapping I've heard as well. The album definitely has a lot to show case as to why it's a hip hop classic.

Rating 6 of 10.

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