Friday, December 27, 2013

424 of 1001 Albums: Massive Attack's Blue Lines

Massive Attack isn't a group I had heard of before, but their sound is one that is distinctly memorable. They have a bit of a classic sound, but it also sounds more modern than 1991. It makes the album have a timeless vibe to it. The vocals also work to add diversity to each tune as you switching from rapping vocals to other vocals that have a good range.

History: The debut album from Massive Attack, Blue Lines, was released in 1991. Some of the ideas for the song were almost up to a decade old that the band had been working on for the album. This album is also known as the first trip hop album even though the term wasn't really used at the time of it's release. It also would be apart of the alternative hip hop genre. The album would reach critical acclaim after it's release, and it's one of the most notable British albums ever released.

Vocals: There are variety of vocalist throughout the album with band member 3D and Daddy G being the primary ones. The female vocalist had to be my favorite though when she would appear on songs like "Unfinished Sympathy." The album has much of the sounds it derives from like soul music, and even early classic rock, and the vocalist reflect those inspirations. The album has a variety for people who like a lot of types of music, and the rap is very British and unique.

Instrumentals: There are a wide range of instrumentals on the songs. 3D plays keyboard along with Mushroom who plays keyboard as well. There are a variety of other musicians who appear throughout the album as well though depending on the song. "Lately" is a song that is very well mixed by the engineer to have a soulful vibe that is full of rhythm and easy to remember after you're done listening.

Recording: The recording is very cool, and doesn't get stuck in the sounds that is easily meshed with the early 90's, which is basically closely related to the 80's. It has a sound that is unique, and that can be attributed to the fact the album is charting a whole new genre of it's own. The rapping is also really good and the way it is captured flows well with the instrumentals.

Massive Attack is definitely more for the hip hop enthusiasts. It has many other textures to the sound that could appeal to those who like more soulful music though. It has a lot of emotion and much passion in the lyrics. Personally, while there were some enjoyable songs overall I don't think I would put on the album again to listen to.

Rating 6 of 10.

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