Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Review: Bodie Hodge's The War On Christmas

Many Christians have been upset of recent of the some recent changes the public has been trying to make with Christmas. Particularly the usage of Christmas, and whether you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. Bodie Hodge believes that most Christians are uninformed while arguing on these points about Christmas though that they get passionate about. With other writers contributing, and Hodge editing, the book goes over some much asked questions.

Summary: Where did Santa Clause originate? Was Jesus born in a manger? Did the wise men visit Jesus on the night he was born? When is the exact date of Jesus' birthday? These are some of the many questions that are covered in the book. With so many outraged nowadays over the treatment of the Christmas holidays, this book explains some of the facts about Christmas that most are unaware of. It also gets back to why Christ was born as well, covering a wide span of the Bible from Genesis to the Gospels.

Characters: The book tries to explain much of what believe about Christmas. It even covers the origins of Santa Clause. Other than that the book will be rooted much in the Bible to explain the birth of Jesus, and some of the misconceptions people have about where he was born and who came to visit him after birth. To be honest, some of the book just seems unimportant. I get that it is interesting to ponder if Jesus was born in a manger as we imagine, or a down stair room in a guest house they were to stay at, but what difference does that make to his arrival? It seems like the contributors couldn't really address the other curiosities about Christmas. There is even a full chapter dedicated to when Christ was born that provides many interesting ideas, but nothing in foundation, so why write a whole chapter on it?

Writing: The writing is from a bunch of different people, and you can tell. One chapter might be a page long, where another might extend over several pages. The people who kept their information down to a page seem to have more direction and an answer for the topic they were on than those who played guessing games for several pages. The book also doesn't seem to have enough information for the book they are writing, so many of the topics just swing in a circle, and I'm pretty sure the gist of the book can be gotten in the first pages. The real focus needs to not only be on Jesus arrival and who he came to save, but why he came to save, which is traced back to Genesis when Adam and Even had the fall.

Plot: The book doesn't build up to really anything except a huge anti-Santa Clause rant. When I picked up this book I was expecting to garner some information on the meanings behind certain objects commonly associated with Christmas in a more well laid out book. Like a bit of information of the origins of Happy Holidays, the Christmas Tree, Santa Clause, and maybe even Christmas lights! Instead these things are answered, but in a more sporadic way while constantly using the same topics to go back to over and over. Don't get me wrong, there are some interesting questions brought up in the book to leave the reader pondering over Christmas, but the layout got very focused on the ritzy pictures and not the subject.

If you know nothing at all about Christmas then this book will interest you. It provides the message of Christ, and explains in minor detail the origin of things like Santa Clause. I agree with the authors in some ways of how Clause is now too much of identity of Christmas and used to fuel selfishness instead of what the man who inspired him was about. That doesn't mean a parent should be told they are lying to their child, and feeling terrible about it. As a kid who did believe in Santa Clause for longer than they should I can tell you I have no ill feelings about it, and neither does anyone I know. It was a lot of fun believing in Santa! And I still remember the message of Christ and why he came to earth as well! It didn't ruin me.

Rating 5 of 10.

This book was provided by Handlebar Marketing in exchange for a review.

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