Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Review: Christin Ditchfield's What Women Should Know About Facing Fear

Many women struggle with anxiety, myself included. There are days it can be quite crippling, and others it isn't as bad. It's always there though even when I'm not thinking about it it's as if I can feel the anxiety just sitting there. Christin Ditchfield gives a faith based approach in trying to get your anxiety more in control. I like how Ditchfield acknowledges though that if you have a more severe form of anxiety though that you need to probably seeking counseling as it's probably beyond just being a nagging voice.

Summary: Women are more often than not the ones to struggle with anxiety. We have fears of change or worries about our health that cause us to sometimes to remain crippled in one spot with the inability to move forward. Even the ability to say no to turn down someone's invitation brings us anxiety and you say yes to something you wouldn't want to attend. Christin Ditchfield empowers women to calm their anxiety by studying other strong women of the Bible, and providing words from Jesus that can provide comfort. With a question and answer at the end of each chapter her book doubles a guide and journal to walking you away from anxiety.

Characters: The book does a great thing unlike a lot of other books I've read directed at women, and that is take women characters from the Bible and use them as a guide for other women. She also uses Jesus words and examples to guide the book as well. It makes for a much stronger book because it gives women the knowledge that it isn't just men in the Bible, and that there are many women characters who did some incredibly brave things. The author weaves in some of her own experience, but I think more of the author's own personal struggle with anxiety would make the book more real for those reading.

Writing: I do love how Ditchfield writes because it doesn't sound fake, or get wrapped into this overly motivational speaker tone. I do feel the amount of quotes used detract from her main focus though. They interrupted the flow of what I was reading. You'll probably notice if you pick up the book, but there are random quotes ranging from other women to people like Martin Luther. Maybe it's just me but with some of his statements regarding women I just don't think Martin Luther is reassuring to me. Anyways, I do like how Ditcfield includes many Biblical verses to back up her points when she trying to share stories of the women and men who had their fair amount of things to worry about on earth. As well as even pointing out the fact that Jesus was sometimes caught in fear as well.

Plot: Each section is very well divided, and I felt that Ditchfield was good about getting her point across without rambling. She is very direct. With many self help books like this I have found the rambling to be at all time high, but she sums up her points, and presents sources that strengthen what she is saying concisely. I also liked the questions and lessons at the end of each chapter. To be honest most of the time those things seem really useless, but hers contained a lot of great self reflection questions, and even gave some great verses to remember. I'm someone who wanted to work on remembering verses and Bible stories better, and this will help great.

What Women Should Know About Facing Fear is a great resource for women because it is for women and it provides strong women that can be used as encouragement. As a Christian, the core of the faith is never forgotten either, and Jesus is always made the primary focus on easing the anxiety, which should be the greatest comfort of all, especially considering he did experience his own fears and obstacles in this world. As said in the first paragraph as well I like how Ditchfield also recognizes that for some your anxiety might be rooted in some psychological issues that need to be addressed in counseling. She knows that seeking help is sometimes the best idea.

Rating 9 of 10.

This book was provided by ACU Press Leafwood Publishing in exchange for a review. 

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