Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bookshelf: Matthew Paul Turner's What You Didn't Learn From Your Parents About Sex

Let's be frank. Reading about sex can be fun! Especially if you're from a faith that rarely puts out books such as this one. Anyways, most people have questions about sex, and this book does a good job of tying back in faith and what the Bible says on the topic as well. It's got a lot of interesting information. If you're waiting for marriage the book also has a whole chapter at the end with information, tips, and things to expect from the exciting to the embarrassing.

Summary: If you're like most the sex talk that you had from your parents probably included just the basics or you were given reading material. No one told you what oral sex was, how far was too far, or what the word masturbation meant. Actually, I can guarantee that maybe 1% of parents discuss even the meaning of masturbation. Matthew Paul Turner is here to clarify though. He answers questions presented from young adults, shares a bit of his own struggles and experiences regarding sexual activity, and gives insight on the many Biblical verses regarding sex, whether normal or strange.

Characters: The thing that helps the book a lot is that Turner uses his own life to draw on for many of the examples. He shares everything from how he struggled with pornography, to how he learned about sex, to even how he was a virgin till 31 when he got married, and how losing his virginity brought changes. It makes for a book that is insightful and easy to relate to. Plus, Turner's humor really shines in this book. There were plenty of moments I laughed out loud while reading because either it's a situation you can see yourself in or it's just funny.

Writing: As said the humor is throughout and shines in the book. He is one of the funnier author's I've read. This book does have one thing that I considered a setback though, and that was when the pages got difficult to read. There are certain pages that feature questions and answers, or little boxed charts to show information, and the font and the color made the words difficult to read. Otherwise the writing flows very well. Turner though even tells the reader though this isn't meant to be on par with classic writings or scholarly. It's a book meant to be easy to relate to and real for the reader.

Plot: The book is divided in several sections. Almost anything that can be covered can be covered in such a short book. What I admired most though is how Turner is honest. He's not going to make up things not in the Bible to try to claim that something has 100% foundation for being wrong. He also never says certain things are right either, but he knows that can only be determined by the conscious and studying of the person reading. Unlike a lot of books that also avoid the topic of how complex is too far by saying that the Bible just says to flee sexual immorality and that's that. Turner admits that while he can make a very good assumption on what is a wrong line to cross, and warns about it, he also admits that he can never verify it with a direct verse. Also, if you're someone who is waiting for marriage this book does stand as a huge encouragement. It doesn't guarantee it will be the most romantic of times, but perhaps some of the most awkward, but that it comes with it's own bubble of excitement. Plus, I like how Turner once again that things like waiting for true love, threats of babies and STDs, among other things can't ever keep someone waiting. If you're waiting the only thing that is going to serve as a strong hold to that, especially if you're Christian, is how committed you are to Christ and the lifestyle he set forth. He even shares the story of a man he knows will be celibate the rest of his life in order to be a priest.

Well this book does sum up anything and everything that might cross your mind about sex. I think Turner's ability to be frank and honest is what makes the book so good, along with much of his other works. I might not adhere to many of his own opinions, but I like his approach in writing and how he never comes across as judgmental. Whatever background your from you can read this book and not feel judged. Whether you have had sex, masturbate everyday, are waiting for sex, or you are choosing to be celibate for life this book has something to offer whatever your position is right now.

Rating 9.5 of 10.

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