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Movie Review: TINY: A Story About Living Small (2013)

Promo photo of Christopher and Merete at home.
I've always liked the idea of finding somewhere smaller to live, and with books and movies such as this it's only until the past few years that it seems more possible. The movie uses the motto less is more to promote their counter-culture way of living. I have to agree that building smaller does begin to change the patterns of what the world has grew on, and it lessens the spending that many of us find ourselves falling victim to at least maintain the places we stay that are larger than we need, or filled with things that we keep bringing into the house since we have room. This movie hasn't yet been released, but recently Al-Jazeera America aired a shortened version of the movie for airing.

Summary: Christopher Smith has lived in various locations, and now has bought a piece of land. He decides for the first time in his life to make a commitment to building the place he will live with his own hands. While chronicling the development of his own living space he also documents others who have given up jobs and bigger houses to live small. They explain their reasoning from health to hating their job as reasons for downsizing. As we follow Christopher in discovering whether he can build it we also discover what makes a home and how a tiny space prioritizes what we value.

Acting: With this being a documentary you have a host of people who are really embarking on the tiny life. Christopher does well at explaining his motivation for building a small home, and for a movie that had to be cut to be aired on television he explains even the legalities of what he's doing well. It's actually illegal to build a home under a certain size in most places, so putting it on wheels helped bypass that standard. The movie covers the many reasons that someone might build a tiny home. For some it was to cut down on finances, for others to be able to not have to work a stressful job, and for Christopher it's to see if he can finally commitment to making a place a home.

Filming: I think the Colorado setting is captured beautifully, and they chronicle the length of time it takes to capture the movie very well. I also liked how different people were woven into the movie. The music is suiting as well. I assume with their budget music could be hard to get into the movie that is performed well, but it is suiting to the style and vibe they are going for in the movie.

Plot: The plot is one that actually is well established. A guy embarks on building this small house on wheels all on his own without any help, except his girlfriend, and then living in it. It's inspiring to see what a person with no training can build with his own hands. Most may think since they can't afford help that it won't work. The most he has to afford is the equipment though, which even halts his endeavors at one point.

TINY did leave me feeling that it was still possible to accomplish my dreams. It also will have you thinking over the idea of why certain ideas, like how big the place you live in, is so important. I thought the house that was built also was great because it showed talent from someone who was doing this for the first time. It also provides a lot of stories in one movie from all walks of life.

Rating 8 of 10.

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