Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday Movies: 2 Guns (2013)

Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg starring in a movie together was enough to peek my interest to want to check this out. Washington seems like such a serious actor, and Walberg varies by the movie. The combo make for a good movie, and while this movie may lack in some areas, over all it provides a strong idea, and a lot of good action. You also have cameos popping up every which way to keep you interested, and twist that will at least make you laugh sometimes. This is also a lot better than directors, Baltasar Kormakur's other work Contraband as he seems to have eliminated the television show shots.

Summary: Bobby, a DEA agent, and Stig, a naval officer, are both working the same cast without knowing the other is apart of a greater system they are working for, and they both think each other are criminals. They need to rob a bank after a messed up drug cartel to convict a mob boss. The bank they rob provides way more money than the mob boss was to have stowed in the bank though causing them to wonder who they have stolen from. The person they have stolen from is on their trail to get his money back, and he wasn't the mob boss they were targeting.

Acting: Denzel Washington is Bobby, and Washington is a good actor, and he plays well here. He doesn't seem to have much chemistry with Deb though who is portrayed by Paula Patton. Even after all their relationship goes through I just wasn't feeling the potential love. Mark Walberg is Stig, and provides the hilarity that he has gotten known for in the past few years. Washington and Walberg make for a good team. Bill Paxton is Earl, the guy who they have unknowingly stole from. Paxton makes a really great bad guy in this movie, and it's probably one of his better roles he's done of recent. James Marsden is Quince, a guy who is one of Stig's commanding officers, and while Marsden's role is short it shows he has a range.

Filming: The great news for Kormakur is that he threw out the shaky camera work of Contraband that made you feel you were watching a crime show on television. Here he captures the action well, and even the comedy with a nice blend that is a huge change up from what he was doing. The color also really pops here despite the fact their in the desert a lot of the time. Also, in a short amount of time he does get you into characters enough to care about their fate.

Plot: Some might like how this movie is a bit more complex plot wise than a lot of other action movies. It's not like rocket science, but it does weave itself a bit more intricately. I think though that this does leave a lot of room for some implausible moments to happen especially regarding the military in the movie. That is the movie world though. The characters provide for some humorous moments, and the movie gets intense, but by the end you don't feel like you've discovered anything new, and you're not going to walk away with any different perceptions. It's a fun action movie though that revives the genre a bit in a weaker year for it. It's a nice kickback, popcorn movie.

2 Guns features very likable actors in a good story, and that is the strength of the movie. It provides for some nice twist as well. For some they might have trouble getting past some very far fetched moments though. It's a movie that action and non-action movie fans can enjoy though. Straight from the first scene the movie doesn't fail to entertain.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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