Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Movies: The Internship (2013)

The Internship was one of the few movies to turn out just as I expected. Not incredibly funny, but a decent story. The movie though gets really sappy, and doesn't quite carry it well. Maybe it's just that I don't find Vince Vaughn funny at all, and I have no idea how he has carried a career this long. The movie is entertaining for the most part, but the 2 hour run leaves the movie feeling very long winded for a comedy that could sum up it's point a bit quicker.

Summary: Nick and Billy are watch salesmen, but with the recent digital evolution people aren't really buying watches anymore. This puts the guys sales career on a spiral. In order to try to revamp their career and perhaps even earn a job with Google, they interview for a position to intern there. The internship is nothing like they've heard about though, and once being accepted into the program they find themselves meshed in with a generation younger than them, and set up on teams. Not only are they competing but they are going to have to find a way to work with members who view them as outdated.

Acting: The acting is carried well by the guys, but it's also not really anything spectacular either. Owen Wilson is Nick, and he plays something that just seems right up his alley as a playboy. With some very non-creative development he will gain a love interest that keeps him interested in a woman finally beyond one night. Vince Vaughn is Billy, and also plays something very stereotypical to who we normally associate him with in movies, he's the guy who loves to drink and party. They both do, but it seems Billy has more of a flare for it. For some reason Vaughn is just very boring to me. Rose Byrne plays Dana, and while Byrne is a good actress, I just found this whole geeky girl persona with the huge glasses very annoying. She is a diverse actress, and can be really funny, but she is very watered down in this movie. Josh Brener seems to get more face time from the younger crowd, but overall the younger crowd's part gets a tad sappy.

Filming: The movie at least is very bright and well bright. If there is not going to be a whole lot of comedy you can at least keep the movie lighthearted which is what they seem to do. So if there is nothing else to note well I did like how the appearance of the movie was. There are a few moments where the comedic scenes work like when the guys are playing Quidditch or when they go to a bar, but it's pretty scarce after that.

Plot: The plot works well toward developing a goal.  The story does get cheesy, and uses some pretty generic music to amp up the emotions of the characters as you're watching. I guess I just didn't get into the unifying bond that the team experiences when working toward a job at Google? A lot of people are complaining that this movie feels like product placement as well, but you can't go into a movie about Google's internship program and not expect for their to be hoards of Google stuff in it too. Anyways, all the characters make stride in developing, particularly Nick and Billy, so at least has a visible plot.

The Internship seems like one of those that died at release this past summer. I think because it just didn't fit in with the time of year it was coming out at all, and I think most people feel bored about technology movies. particularly ones that seem to be taking a laugh at older males knowing nothing of tech stuff, even though to be honest I think it was more of a laughter at the geeks for knowing so much about it.

Rating 6 of 10.

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