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Saturday Movies: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

Once again, just because it's a popular book doesn't mean it should be a movie. (Take note Fifty Shades of Grey!) It seems like since Twilight, or well maybe Harry Potter, it seems that now every book needs an a companion movies, and the authors are all too happy to see their books translated to the big screen. No one is a J.D. Salinger anymore! You can only make so many movies marketed toward the younger group until the parents are just not going to drive their preteens to see them anymore, and the older fans can't afford going for the fifteenth time that year to see another favorite book adapted into a movie. I mean come on! If you're a book reader of this genre then you had several that you were probably having to skim through and decide on to spend your money at. For me it came down to Warm Bodies and The Hunger Games.

Summary: Clary's life instantly changes when she begins seeing symbols and murders that her friend, Simon, can't see. After seeing Jace he finds her to discover that she is a descendant from hunters who protect earth from Demons. Her mother has been kidnapped though because a man who wants the power over the demons and the rest of the world is attempting to find a cup to grant him that. Now Clary and the Shadow Hunters must go into the Downworld that is invisibly located in New York unknown to mortals, to save her mother and keep the man, Valentine, from retrieving the cup.

Acting: The acting has some hit and some misses. I think someone put the budget else where instead of focusing on spending it on actors that might carry the movie better. Lily Collins seems to have had a rough time of getting her acting career off the ground. The only successful movie she has been in is the Blind Side and she wasn't a main character in that. I think Collins is okay as an actress, but she is a tad dead. Jamie Campbell Bower was one of the vampires in the Twilight movies, so now he is taking on another fandom movie. This time he is playing one of the leads as Jace. I don't think Bower is a bad actor, he's maybe the strongest of the cast, but he also doesn't seem very into the role either. His performance was just robotic, and whoever wrote some of his lines just did bad. Kevin Segers plays Alec, and it seems Segers is trying to slowly make a return. Jeminina West is Isabella, and is one of the more interesting characters. To round it out you have Robert Sheehan as Simon, and he felt like the weakest to me. His whole character is just forcing the awkard, geeky, guy too hard, and it's obvious that he will turn out to be a hot guy later.

Filming: The movie I think made a mistake with having a guy who mainly makes children and family movies do this movie. It has that whole appearance to the movie as the first Harry Potter movies did. It would work if that was the style of the movie, but considering this is aimed more toward teens, and even some adults it needs a more mature feel to the layout. The color is really beautiful in the movie though, and I think it helps the CGI pop as well. I've heard complaints about the CGI but to be honest I thought it was well done considering the budget. It does look gross and real at times. It has a very cartoon flare about it that works.

Plot: I don't think everything is very well explained in this plot, and a lot of aspects of the story seemed rushed. I don't remember certain elements being revealed like the feelings that Alec had forward Jace, and the other relationships being developed till at least the next book to leave some suspense. On top of that, if you're someone who hasn't read the books it looks obvious where everything is going anyways. All you have to do is watch closely at how the characters look at each other to tell who is feeling what. I think the intense focusing on the romance is one thing that really boggles this movie down as well. It was so angst, teen driven, that it just ruins the action that actually is pretty good. It's one of the rare times that maybe the romance could have been thrown out all together. It tries to appeal too much to teen girls in a forced way driving any and all males and adults away. Now the difference for me watching this and watching Twilight is that the whole vibe is just more forced in this movie.

Anyways, if you're a fan of the books the general same story is there, so it is an entertaining watch. I think if you haven't read the books then this more than likely won't be a very enjoyable experience. There are some terms and vocabulary involved with this book and it's fantasy that aren't explained either, so it may leave some confused as to what is happening. I also wish the movie would have stuck solely with a score. They do go into using some artists to sing pop like songs and stuff to make the scenes more romantic, and it just goes over very poorly, and some of those scenes are painfully cheesy.

Rating 6 of 10.

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