Friday, December 27, 2013

Saturday Movies: We're the Millers (2013)

At first I'll say that I didn't think We're the Millers would be funny. I thought it might be the typical comedy coming out these days that just can't be hilarious outside a few chuckles. This movie did surprise me with how much it had me laughing though, and I think that is because it avoids the sappiness that could easily come with the territory. Also, the stars of the movie work well together, and while Jason Sudeikis is a good lead, Jennifer Aniston also shows she can do more than just the chick flick movies she fell into.

Summary: David Clark is a veteran pot dealer. He's been doing it since college, and why look for a new a job when that one is going well? David though has to help out his friend, Kenny, who is attacked while trying to help a runaway, Casey, from a group of guys. While helping him out he is robbed, and loses the money he owed to his boss who is a drug lord. Now his drug lord, Brad, wants him to travel to Mexico to bring back pot for him as punishment for what happened. David is going to need to a disguise to get in and out of the country though without looking obvious, so he hires a fake family to help him out. Including Kenny, Casey, and stripper wanting to get out of the business, Rose.

Acting: The acting is good, and they get the comedy right. Jason Sudeikis is the only one of the cast who has made his career from comedy only. Jennifer Aniston has been more in the comedy scene, and shows that she has the talent as well to make her characters comical, especially Rose. Jason Sudeikis is suiting for the role of the over grown drug dealer as well. Emma Roberts is Casey the runaway, and is paving a way for herself, but she still is picking the teenage roles that maybe something she wants to veer away from in the future. Will Poulter is Kenny, and one of the more funny ones in the cast. Mostly because he just plays the awkward teen so well. Nick Offerman is also in the movie as a strange family man, Don, travelling in his RV as well, and meets the family. He also is quite funny in the movie, but it's very much typical to who he usually plays.

Filming: This movie just takes some things that seem over the top and just goes with it. It doesn't hold back on putting ridiculous images like the aquarium in the drug lord's office, and putting it there for comical effect. It's not like the movie is anything special, but it's the fact the movie just lets itself get crazy that is what makes it funny. There is never a point where I felt the movie began to take itself too seriously to ruin the ridiculous vibe it had.

Plot: It's not like the movie completely lacks in character growth since it does allow itself to get crazy. David seems to still be living in his college days, and he is fine with that, but his crush on Rose can probably never move forward if he can't grow up. Rose finds herself needing to get out of being a stripper because now her boss wants the strippers to have sex with the clients, and she doesn't want to prostitute herself. Casey is a runaway searching for some sort of family even though her previous ones seems to have provided for her well, and well Kenny just seems lonely in general without many friends or family attention. It's natural that all these people would get lumped in with the other whether for money or just a companion.

We're The Millers was one of the stronger comedies I've seen from the past year. I haven't laughed as hard as I did with this movie in a bit of time. The movie does a good job with never being too serious, so it makes the moments more funny, but it also manages to get you attached to the characters as well, and their circumstances.

Rating 8 of 10.

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