Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Movie Night: The Hangover Part III (2013)

Well we better hope this is the finale of The Hangover. Who knew it was even set up to be a three part movie to begin with? If you're a fan of Alan or Mr. Chow then you might enjoy this movie more than either of the past one as it seems to tie more into their friendship. The first one though had some sort of connection between the friends that made it work. In this movie it feels like most the cast is just there by contract, and Ed Helms and Bradley Cooper look miserable the whole time.

Summary: After one of the Wolf Pack is kidnapped by a mob boss, Marshall, they are told they must recover Mr. Chow and bring him to him in order to get their friend back. Mr. Chow has broken out of prison and stole from Marshall. The guys are going to have a hard time getting Alan to turn over Mr. Chow to the guy though as they still have remained close friends. Mr. Chow though is going to give up without a fight that will lead them through the desert and into their old trail in Las Vegas. With their friend being held hostage, and the search in Vegas things are looking very familiar.

Acting: It's true. Most the actors in this movie just didn't seem to want to be in this movie. Bradley Cooper is wearing the demeanor of a guy who is trying to do more Oscar worthy movies now, and he doesn't even try. It just makes him look really bad. You can tell that he isn't even trying to be comedic in this movie. Ed Helms seems to have the same tone in the movie, which makes less sense. He needs to be making what he can of his roles while he can. Zach Galifianakis though brings a little more flavor to the movie with some comedy, by returning as if he is still the same though. His comedy is still the same and works. I think they should have just cut out the whole buddy dynamic and left it with him and Mr. Chow though. Ken Jeong seems to return with some enjoyment in his role as well, but for many he might be what takes away from the movie as the movie is more ridiculous than even the previous.

Filming: The movie does have the same vibe as the other two movies. The fact that all three movies stick with the same director, Todd Phillips, does at least help stick with the same vibe, and maybe even provide that there was real intention to do two more movies. You have the bright crisp atmosphere, the same comedic style of shooting and what not. I think mainly it's the story and acting that are lacking with this one.

Plot: The plot does try to make itself more unique than the previous movies by not repeating the setup of the guys having a hangover and then waking up to find their lives in disarray. That leaves the question of why this movie is even called The Hangover. The plot isn't about a hangover. I do like they tried to mix it up, but overall there was nothing about this movie that really contributed to anything they had done in the previous two either.

The Hangover Part III provides a few good laughs and it returns with some cast members that are an interesting addition like John Goodman, but some of the leads just seem to be frustrated with their parts in the movie, and don't even throw in a cent or two to making the movie funny. The movie hopefully is the end to a movie that wasn't getting better as it went on though.

Rating 6 of 10.

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