Tuesday, January 7, 2014

16 of 1001 Songs: Animal Collective's Summertime Clothes

I've heard of Animal Collective, but never heard a song from the band. I haven't heard anything quite like Summertime Clothes. It's a mix of rock and electronics that sounds like it would be overwhelming, but comes together to make one of the most unique sounds I've heard that also stays consistent with a sound that is enjoyable.

History: The album, Merriweather Post Pavilion was released in 2009, and this single is the second release from that album. The genre of the song is a mix of experimental and neo-psychedelic, so if you're wondering what that is then check out this song .The song also was released in many formats besides digital, but also as it's own single on record. The song would also achieve fame through a video game as well.

Vocals: All the band members contribute to vocals. You can sort of tell with this song because it does sound like more than one person is singing, particularly during the chorus that gives it a bit of yell, but still sounds good. The song also has that very indie, hip, vibe to it, and the vocals provide an innovative way for the music to not over power them even though there is a lot going on with it. Basically the single sounds like the cover along with the rest of the instrumentals.

Instrumentals: There are a variety of instrumentals used on the album, and I think sometimes it sounds like multiple uses of the same instrument.  Avery Tare contributes to the guitar, percussion, synthesizer, piano, and various other instruments you hear on the song. The band member referred to as Panda Bear plays much of the same instrumentals with some additional ones like the electronics. The same can be said for Deakin who also plays the bass guitar as well. There is also the member who goes by Geologist who plays much of the same as well. I guess depending on the part and the song depends on what they are playing. I just don't like it when band members opt for some weird stage name instead of just using their real names. I feel silly just typing it.

Lyrics: The lyrical content is well written, and I like the vibe that the lyrics do give the tune. It has this nice relaxing tone to the tune, and there isn't much to the lyrics. Basically to sum it up a friend is walking around with a friend on a hot summer night in the city. I think if it was summer the song would better resonate with me, but all the lyrics leave me wanting now is for the summer to come back. I could imagine this song being a great summer tune to listen to though.

Animal Collective has a distinctive style that I enjoyed, and I thought the lyrics were relaxed and enjoyable to listen to as well. The muffled instrumental quality is well captured by the multi-instrumental talent of these guys, but it probably won't be a tune I explore again. I can see the appeal though, and even imagine this with a video game appearance that it has.

Rating 6 of 10.

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