Friday, January 17, 2014

20 of 1001 Songs: Florence and the Machine's Dog Days Are Over

I remember hearing this song during a movie preview in 2009, and from there I was very into this song, and I still enjoy it as much now as when I first heard it a while back when. It's got a timeless vibe even with the heavy pop sounds that makes it motivating and uplifting. It's a beautifully pieced together song from Florence and the Machine that combines vocals and instrumental elements that still work just as well for me now as they ever did.

History: The song was released at the end of 2008, and I can't believe it was that long ago. The single would become a success in several countries and as a second single it would continue her success with critics. The song was released in several versions, with one being an acoustic, and it was also used in several commercials for advertisements as you might have heard.

Vocals: Florence Welch is one of the best vocalist I've heard in the past few years. They are strong, and she can sing great live. I love how with this tune she builds softly at the first verse and then allows her vocals to grow powerful by the end. It almost grows frantic, but there is still a strong beat and rhythm to carry the song. Florence also sings the lyrics as if she is experiencing the feelings of her song herself in that exact moment. Perhaps recording the song with only her vocals at first helped because it was up to her to give all the song the emotional power in that moment.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals are also beautifully arranged, and the genre of the sound is very unique. It's a blend of indie, folk, and art rock with a bit of soul. The pounding of the drums pumps up the tune to sound huge, and you have other elements of instrumentals that work together to create a sound that is very unified in the tone it is achieving. It works with the vocals, and the meaning of the lyrics to be an explosion of music with a lot of power.

Lyrics: I know it's incredibly cheesy to say, but the lyrics to this song are some of the few that give me chills. The lyrics are like an anthem to women, and the emotions felt in the tune I feel are easy to relate to, but as women are some that we are fearful to fear. It has a powerful message, but the vocals and the instrumentals only increase what the song is trying to accomplish. With each word they time a hit or advancement in vocals that makes the song progress into exactly the feeling they are aiming to give.

I believe that I will be listening to this tune far into the future as I still am now, and it's rare I listen to a song still several years later. The message is one that is always needed though no matter what stage of life, and the fact it's directed toward females, and offers a lot of empowerment helps the listener get into all the emotions you are feeling or want to feel very badly.

Rating 10 of 10.

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