Tuesday, January 21, 2014

22 of 1001 Song's: Coldplay's Viva La Vida

Yet again another song that I loved  few years ago, and one I wish I still listened to as often nowadays. The song is very uplifting, and with all the very stressed out feelings and busy days I have I feel this song would be a great one to wind down to if I listened to it more often. Chris Martin has a great voicing, and the instrumentals are nicely arranged to lead to a grand finale for the song.

History: The song was uniquely written by all four members of the band. You can tell as well with the way the song stands on a united front of sound. The song was the second single from the album, and the one that would garner a lot of attention. Not only would the song be a success in the U.K. but also worldwide. It would receive Grammy attention as well. After all is said and done the album is appropriately named after the track Viva La Vida.

Vocals: Chris Martin is the very popular vocalist of Coldplay, and has always had a distinctive voice. It's got a bit of the British vibe, but also doesn't let it overwhelm the music. I don't know that Martin always has the ability to project the vocals they've recorded live as well, but I love how the vocals sound on the song. He allows his voicing to soar with the lyrics, and it does give the song the positive vibe that you feel from the lyrics. The vocals also align in perfect harmony with the instrumentals. He never outshines them, and they never outshine him.

Instrumentals: An arrangement of instrumentals are used on the tune to give it the life you hear. It really does sound as if the song is full of life. The drum beats are dramatic, and the string arrangement that calms the song during certain verses shapes the song to have a great arrangement. The song has met it's fair share of controversy though with the band being accused of plagiarizing aspects of the arrangement. Regardless of your view on that though, the song does have a great, upbeat sound that the instrumentals create, and build for the grand ending of the song.

Lyrics: The song has many Biblical references in the tune. It seems that despite the strong references the song has been able to reach an appeal to many audiences. I love the way that the lyrics match the vibe of the song, but the poetry like reading of the song does leave the meaning almost obscure, which is probably why the song has still been able to have the success it does. Even though there is a direct meaning, you aren't going to get that by looking at the lyrics on top of the layer that is beneath them.

Viva La Vida is a beautiful song, and has yet to get old since it's 2008 release. The summer it was released in was a perfect time to give the warmth and atmosphere a song to produce some energy. It also is one of Coldyplay's most popular songs. Though I like a lot of older Coldplay songs a lot better, I still think this one is a strong one in their collection.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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