Thursday, January 2, 2014

425 of 1001 Movies: Jack White's Blunderbuss

I became a fan of The White Stripes almost two years ago when watching a DVD they released. From there I've also been following what Jack White is doing since The White Stripes ended. His solo album, Blunderbuss, was released a couple of years ago, and it shows that Jack White is great even on his own by creating a funky mix of blues rock with other genres like country and other elements to make for a creative album.

History: The backing band that Jack White used to put together this album has always varied. To record he used a band that traveled to Nashville, to record with him and RZA, but since he was unable to show he went ahead and recorded some different songs with them. This led to different bands being able to back like when he played SNL where he swapped between two groups to back on the instruments, one all female, and the other all male. The album would be a critical success the year it was released, making #3 on Rolling Stones' album of the year 2012 list. It also would be a hit with audiences, and find itself with Grammy nominations.

Vocals: Jack White has some of the most recognizable vocals in music, and while I see why someone might not like them, I've always loved them. They have this recognizable trait that is enjoyable to hear especially since he puts so much attitude into them. Some great backing vocals are also utilized on the album as well though. "Take Me With You When You Go" has very strong backing vocals that add to the frantic notion of the tune.

Instrumentals: The strongest aspect of anything involving Jack White is usually the guitar though. On this album White plays the rhythm and lead guitar, and the bass guitar as well. The guitar has some great riffs whether it's the acoustic or electric being played. "Sixteen Saltines" starts out really strong and catchy with the opening part involving the guitars. White also plays the drums and piano as well on the album though adding for a variety that is worth hearing.

Recording: Recording was done at Third Man studios which also doubles as the record store that White owns. The type of music that White is doing on this album is one that isn't currently trending, but one that will always be good to listen to no matter what the day is you're to it on. Whether it's now or twenty years from now I think this album will still be relevant to hear.

Blunderbuss contains some great lyrics, and even better instrumentals. It may not be that the vocals are the strength, but they still have this appealing element, and certain songs that I'm not going to get out of my head like "Love Interruption" or "I'm Shakin." They are something I will go back and listen to over and over again apart from getting time to listen to the whole album.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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