Monday, January 20, 2014

429 of 1001 Albums: Bruce Springsteen's Born In the U.S.A

Bruce Springsteen might be one of the most popular artist spawned from the U.S.A, and with this album Springsteen has made almost a tribute to American music with the variety of sounds and music involved on the album, and he shows he has the voicing to flow with it all. The consistent vibe of the 80's is very strong, and with it being 1984 the 80's sounds were at their peak.

History: Bruce Springsteen would release another hit with his seventh album. The album would be a bit of a change up for Springsteen who would go to a lighter sound in this album that had a message filled with more hope. It's obvious just by the beat what the tone of the album was. The album would also finally give Springsteen a lot of fame. This would be his best selling album, and the best seller of the year 1985. The album would also be a hit with critics who put it on chart lists, and well reviewed the album, and it's popularization of the type of rock he was performing.

Vocals: Springsteen does have some really good vocals. I wouldn't say they blew me away, but he has this ability to form his voicing to many patterns. "Dancing in the Dark" is a lot more serious and driven with vocals that are on the deeper side to shape the tone of the song. Then with obvious lighter songs like "Born in the U.S.A." the voicing gets higher and more lighter in nature to carry the song. I like the way the voicing sounds, because with the backing instrumentals the song needs a bit more of a masculine quality about the tune.

Instrumentals: The song has a range of instruments. Sometimes the tune will have a more jazz sound, and other times you get a bit of a Western sound. It is a perfect reflection of the range of sounds you will hear living in the U.S. with the instruments. My favorite moments were when he did have the jazz moments in the tune. The 80's synthesizer like sound is very prominent in the tunes though. I think this takes a way a bit from the timeless qualities, but there have been quite a few remixes to modernize the album over time.

Recording: The album was originally meant to be the soundtrack for a movie, and honestly that is what I kept thinking the entire time of listening to the album. It has this quality that is comparable to something you would hear in a movie from that time. The movie it was to be released with was delayed though, and the album ended up being released. I think in a way the way it worked out was a positive thing for Springsteen because it didn't have anything like a movie to over shadow it.

I can definitely see the appeal of Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A. It is is light, it is a lot of fun, and if you're a proud American then you will like the prideful sound of the tunes. The album does have a very dated vibe to the sound though, and while the beats were nice in the moment I didn't feel it resonating with me long after the album had passed either. Fun album though.

Rating 7 of 10.

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