Wednesday, January 29, 2014

431 of 1001 Albums: Dizzie Rascal's Boy In Da Corner

Grime music isn't one I'm familiar with, and this might the first I've ever heard of it.  Dizzie Rascal though is a lot different than other hip hop that I've heard. His beats are a bit different and the sound arrangements are quite unique. The album though does have some groundbreaking sounds, and some songs that sound really good, but there were some songs I struggled through.

History: Dizzie Rascal was only seventeen when this album was released, and it does sound beyond his time. The album was a critical hit as well. It even ranks in the top 100 of MetaCritic's top rated albums. The album was looked up to by many critics, and also would be a hit with audiences that discovered the album as well. The album also achieved awards, but seemed to be overlooked by the Grammy's.

Vocals: Dizzie Rascal has some very interesting vocals. He has a lot of passion and rawness to his voicing that is expressive, and gets the point of the lyrics across well. I felt like he was speaking directly to me while listening. There were some things he was singing about though that were highly questionable though, and as a woman I might not feel extremely comfortable listening to though. I guess I look for music that isn't so negative regarding my own sex. Otherwise I think the pacing and timing of his vocals shows a lot of talent.

Instrumentals: I couldn't find any listings that attributed particular people who performed or even engineered the album. Most of the people listed for personnel were for those who had composed the album. This leads me a bit back to my point though about this sort of music, and that is I do prefer the sound of instruments. I get that beats and rhythms can be created great in other ways but I so miss the sounds of musicians who are performing to create all that you here in the other parts of a tune. To comment though there were some moments like on the track, "Fix Up, Look Sharp" that the vibe I enjoyed, and others where the beats were very prominent and wild that I couldn't really enjoy it like on "Wot U On?"

Recording: The song is recorded in this timeless manner that would leave anyone wondering what year it had been recorded in, which turns out to be 2003. I mean I think you can tell it was recorded in the last decade, but still. I would say with the list of people that contributed though that it shows because the final work was one that many would enjoy.

It's almost difficult to review this type of music because I haven't found any yet that appeals to me. This one had more I could enjoy on it, but there were beeping effects along with other sounds that almost took away from the songs that I was enjoying on the album. Dizzie Rascal does have talent with his vocals though, and the other vocalist he involves also add to the emotions of the album.

Rating 5.5 of 10.

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