Friday, January 31, 2014

432 of 1001 Albums: Silver Jews' Bright Flights

Silver Jews doesn't have a ton of information out there about this album, and I assume many haven't heard of Silver Jews. They are a nice discovery though, and there are some good gems on this album that made for an enjoyable listen. The country channeled guitar and the mix of indie rock make for a flare that sounds unique. The slack vocals contrast all the care of the instrumentals with little effort though.

History: The album was released in 2001 and would be the fourth album from Silver Jew. The album was first proceeded by an EP with the song Tennessee on the album as well. The album is quite short as well, and released on an indie record company, Drag City. The album is a huge representation of indie rock that is out there. The band was founded by one of the members of Pavement.

Vocals: I was unaware that the band was already broken up. David Berman is the vocalist for the album, and was the only consistent band member apart of the band. His voicing isn't anything that spectacular, but the way his voicing and the music is arranged it comes out quite fine in recording.  I preferred the female vocalist that can be heard on several songs though. Her voicing is a bit unsteady like Berman's but the light sounds and the contrast to his deeper voice worked in making it more appealing for me to listen to.

Instrumentals: The instrumentals are made up of some primary recognizable instruments like the guitar, drums and a bass. I'm sure there are even some other stuff weaved in there, but that is what I could make out while listening. I did really enjoy the instrumentals though. The guitar though really stood in making the music a more atmospheric listening experience. I loved how it gave the music a lot more life than the vocals were, and it mixes in this different genre sound that keeps it indie and unique as well.

Recording: The album was recorded in 2001, but actually this album almost reminds me a bit of the 90's, but that is because maybe it's on the verge of the decade having just been changed, or the sounds of indie are so timeless they've always sounded like that no matter the decade. The album is very effortless though yet it sounds good. It matches the appearance of the album cover to be honest. The band knows who there audience is though, and they shoot to please. I did really enjoy aspects of this album though, and it was very interesting to listen to.

Silver Jews is a band that I actually have come across before, and yet there is so little information on this album. From the first song I was pulled into the album, and sometimes more than other times while listening to the songs available. It's also heavily channeled for the indie music fan, so if you like indie and you like rock then this is the perfect blend.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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