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Movie Review: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Inside Llewyn Davis is the latest movie from the Coen brothers, and it brings all you love to the screen from the brothers.The movie something almost anyone can relate to, and that seems to be what the Coen brothers are good about giving people through their stories. People who seem to be a lot like us. The movie though features a wide range of stars, but no one who seems to be on screen for more than 15 minutes total, and this leaves new comer Oscar Isaac as the main star tying the movie together.

Summary: Llewyn is a struggling folk singer who we spend one week with in the Greenwich Village folk scene in 1961. While some seem to be finding a break through with their music like, Jim, Llweyn can't seem to get someone to pay attention to the music that would sound beautiful to most ears, and it frustrates him that ridiculous songs are finding fame. He also has his other issues like with a woman, Jean, who he has relations with, and finding a place to spend the night. Llewyn may just have to give up the folk dream if he wants to stay alive.

Acting: Oscar Isaac leads as Llewyn and he does a great job at portraying him. He also has all the talent needed for this roll. He plays the guitar well, and has a great voice to suit his character. Isaac also can say a lot with his own facial expressions which goes a long way. Carey Mulligan is Jean, and does a great job at making the viewer laugh, even if the situation seems like one that wouldn't be funny. It's just the lines she says, and the way she delivers them that is strong. John Goodman is Roland Turner, and Garret Hedlund is Johnny Five, who are men that Llewyn ends up hitching a car ride with. There is also Justin Timberlake as the man who seems to find his way in the world easy as Jim, but his role is so small, it would be almost impossible to comment on the part. Timberlake does show his voice and talent has a wide range though.

Filming: The Coen brothers capture the 60's and the winter in Greenwich Village very well. It adds to the mood of the movie, which is somber, as Llewyn for the most part is his own worst enemy. He can't find a break, but he also causes a lot of his own problems. This movie is filled with Coen brother shots, and uses coloring for the movie that adds almost a dream quality to the cast. The 60's style is woven in well too without being too in your face as well.

Plot: The plot of the movie was one that pulls you in, and it seems to fly by as you realize you are nearing the end of the movie. I think the quick scenes, and diverse cast make this movie as compelling and quick as it seems to go. My favorite scenes had to be with Jean though, in a way it's a reflection of how irresponsible Llewyn is, but it handles it with this odd twist of humor. Also, one of the characters you'll most become attached to is the cat, which was shocking. He is also the only character who stays throughout the movie as the cat does.

Inside Llewyn Davis does rank as one of the best of 2013, but it has sort of gotten out shown by American Hustle, which I think is a bit of a shame. They are both good, but Davis offers something more somber, and less sparkly that feels more at home with the viewer. The music well recorded, and the talent of the cast is great, and there is the feeling of relationships between the characters than happen in a short time.

Rating 8 of 10.

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