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Saturday Movies: The Lone Ranger (2013)

The audiences weren't ready for this, or they might have never been. With some advertising that more so focused on Johnny Depp and the Pirate of Caribbean movies instead of the fact this was a different movie all together, it might have just left audience underwhelmed. Perhaps, it was just the fail casting of Armie Hammer who someone seems to have thought could make up for his lack of acting ability with his looks. The movie has some great special effects, and some comedic scenes though, and overall it gets to the entertainment point they were aiming for, but without anything special to set it apart it left it for failure.

Summary: Tonto is still alive in the 1930s, but his life has changed. He's now a prop in a travelling circus show where he stands to show case the scenery of the old West. When a young boy passes through he reminds him of his past, and Tonto begins to tell the boy the story of John Reid, The Lone Ranger, and how his hunt for Butch Cavendish transformed Reid into a man for the law into a man wanting justice.

Acting: The acting is good from most of the cast. Johnny Depp may get accused of just rehashing his roles he's commonly associated with in Pirates of the Caribbean, but Depp was my favorite part of the movie as Tonto. I think he mixes it up a bit with Tonto. He's not as cool as a pirate, and he's made his own fair share of mistakes that doesn't put him to being as cool as anyone else in the movie. Armie Hammer is John Reid, or the Lone Ranger, and Hammer isn't bad. He works as far as appearance and the way he suits the role with his demeanor, but I think Hammer lacks that spark to get your attention throughout the movie. It was a mistake to cast such a huge name like Johnny Depp next to the actual lead, Armie Hammer, who doesn't have as much draw power. William Fichtner is Butch Cavendish, and I can see what would be the appeal of casting Fichtner, but something about the guy isn't quite suiting to who he is here. I don't know what it was, but maybe it's that a Western bad guy seems loud, but he is so quiet, so it lacks presence. Tom Wilkinson appears as well as Latham. Ruth Wilson is love interest of the movie as Rebecca, and her role works for the movie, and adds in a nice love story. Helen Bohnam Carter's character might receive mixed reaction though as she portrays Red Harrington. A woman left with a prosthetic leg that can shoot bullets.

Filming: The movie is shot very well, and it provides many good CGI effects. For Disney I'm sure it's a huge bummer how much they lost on this movie even to this day because you can tell they put a lot into it. Everything is very pieced together well, and there wasn't a moment where the CGI doesn't flow well, and most the movie had to be done it. I also liked the colors of the movie. It brought out a warmth that worked for the west.

Plot: The plot is a bit predictable at first, but there are twists that I didn't see coming. This movie though does make sure to keep the plot accessible to families because it never shows too much violence, the lead guys don't kill anyone with guns, the sex is never quite obvious, and the language is kept to a minimum. Perhaps that is why the humor didn't go over with everyone though. I personally liked some of the silly humor especially with the horse scenes. I think any scene involving the horse was some of my favorites because the horse becomes a part of the plot, and for the viewer an integral part of the story. The biggest problem I had though was that this movie was so long. I felt the plot could have been trimmed down a bit.

The Lone Range is a good popcorn movie that won't gross you out with a ton of violence so you can't eat your popcorn. It was intended to be a blockbuster entertainment, but audiences are showing they aren't as sold on at least Johnny Depp doing that anymore. Depp seems to really enjoy his part here, but if he wants to try to continue on as an actor it might be time for a change up.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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