Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday Movies: Miss Congeniality (2000)

Miss Congeniality is one of the most popular chick flicks there is, but that shouldn't keep the viewer from watching it. Sandra Bullock has always been popular it seems, but of recent has definitely redefined her career for the future, since she couldn't always do chick flicks. Bullock in this one relates to a lot of women though. She isn't ever insecure, but also seems to be so scared of being classified as a female she runs from it. This makes the underlining themes a lot more real to life than the actual story is.

Summary: Gracie Hart doesn't consider herself a girl, and when referred to one she seems to take offense. She is about to have to go undercover in the most feminine role of her life though as a beauty pageant contestant. At first she doesn't even volunteer herself until fellow agent, Eric, thinks she has potential. Now it's up to former beauty pageant host, Victor, to remake Gracie into a contestant that could make the top 5. Her mission will be to seek out the person who has put a threat on the pageant, and make sure that they can't harm the contestants during the U.S. program.

Acting: Sandra Bullock is Gracie, and I think Bullock has the personality that suits the role. She can play a more masculine female who has tomboy ways, and she can transform very easily into being someone that is an attractive female. I also like her character shows the downside of being such a feminist. She almost looks at being a female as a negative thing in trying to run from anything hints she is female. Benjamin Bratt is the obvious romance that will being to grow as Eric. I think it works well, and it never dominates the movie so much that it becomes a rom-com. Michael Caine is good as Victor, but Candice Bergen's part was obvious even before the reveal, and I'm not sure that was intended. There are also other appearances like from William Shatner as Stan, who hots the pageant.

Filming: There is nothing that spectacular about the filming, but near the end the comedy is caught a lot better than it is at the beginning. I laughed more as the movie was drawing to an end than at the beginning of the movie. The movie though has a lot colors involved that work for the movie though to keep it light and warm, which helps the views get into the light hearted movie.

Plot: I like how the characters grow from the story. It's about a woman finding the balance of being feminine, and her being so insecure in that environment she feels it's better to mock it and reject it. I believe that this does resonate true to life. I also do like the action comedy aspect as well, and if you're someone who can laugh more easily than movie then you might break out laughing a lot earlier. I also like how the beauty pageant contestants shock the lead character, Gracie, by becoming more of her friends than she thought they would as well. It does get sappy at some points, but the movie does carry it well.

Miss Congeniality is one of the stronger chick flicks out there, but mostly because Bullock just balances the elements of the lead character well. There aren't many stand out performances, but her and Bratt have good chemistry throughout the movie that makes it pretty obvious what the two are feeling. It also never lets the romance over shine the main point about the power of being female that is present in the movie.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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