Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Dead Man Down (2013)

The plot was more interesting that I expected. I was expecting a B movie crime drama wannabe, but this move enlists some good talent to make the characters coming to life. I hadn't heard of the movie before,  and if you haven't it's one to check out. The plot sometimes feels a bit stretched, but it's entertaining and the two leads have the chemistry to get us to cheering on their oddly pieced together romance.

Summary: Victor has worked his way to being a crime-lord's right hand man, but things become very dangerous when someone begins hunting the man, Alphonse, he's working for. Victor's life could be put in jeopardy. No one can piece together quite what the guy threatening Alphonse's life wants either. Victor meets a woman who may be worth putting his life in less risk though. Beatrice is a woman scarred by a car wreck, and the hatred lingering in her draws her to what Victor is capable of. The chemistry growing between the two could put them both in danger though.

Acting: Colin Farrell is the lead as Victor, and Farrell is slowly paving his way into a more serious career. I don't think this will be the role that breaks his way into being taken more seriously though as he is out shined by Noomi Rapace who plays Beatrice. Rapace is best known in her role in the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Rapace plays a woman in this movie who you really begin to feel for even when she makes a bad decision. You can feel how badly she has been hurt and why Victor might be drawn to her though. Terrence Howard is Alphonse, and Howard is good in the role, but for some reason feels a little off from how he has been cast. The other star that may be the other face that pops up most is Dominic Cooper as Darcy.

Filming: The movie is very dark, but it balances the color tones within the tone they've chosen to shoot in very well. Niels Arden Oplev directs. I'm not familiar with the director, but he has pieced in actors, stories, and the shots very well together. He is known for his work with Sweden version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, so it has some tie in. The movie though brings out the suspense of the character's story though, and it knows how to still surprise you, and most shockingly something that was produced by a WWE studio is strong.

Plot: The plot is unique and I like how it weaves in a thriller and a romance. The movie leaves you never knowing where it will go. It feels this could go good, or just really bad. I like mostly though the development of Beatrice, because she was the character that caught my attention. For some reason Victor never becomes as interesting, and his story at first is a bit much to piece together as the movie gets off to a rough start of establishing it's story. It's patchy, and it will leave you wondering how it will get pieced together.

Dead Man Down shows a good director for actors in the movie. It's a good thriller, but something just feels a little lacking after you watch. It's not a movie I'll remember long after watching, besides Rapace performance. Oddly, I just saw this movie mentioned on Inside Edition tonight, so maybe it was wider released than I though, but I just never caught ear of it.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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