Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Continuing on with my Wes Anderson trend here, I just recently watched Fantastic Mr. Fox. This now leaves me seeing every movie from Anderson except the one coming out this March! Anyways, this movie was way better than I expected. In the animation world Anderson is able to explore a lot of what makes him so great with live animation. The color, the dialogue, and the story are all top notch here, and since it is animation it still leaves a little room for kids to enjoy as well. Though this movie is clearly intended for adults. It's one of the few Anderson movies you can might watch with your family though.

Summary: Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox begin their relationship as farm raiders, but when Mrs. Fox becomes pregnant Mr. Fox believes it is time to get serious and settle down with his wife and now beginning family. Settling down works for twelve fox years until Mr. Fox begins to get an itch for raiding farms again, but this time his farm raiding will cost him more than just putting his own self in danger, but his family and his neighborhood.

Acting: It's very few occasions I get to watch animation, which is just sad. The voice over is good in this movie, but the fact that most of these people are commonly used in Anderson's past movie or George Clooney might be heavily distracting since they are recognizable and you might even get into a guessing game of who is who. Also, there was something that didn't always depict a lot of emotions about the voices of the characters, but I felt that was more Anderson style that I'm use to, and I wasn't really expecting anything different. George Clooney is the voicing of Mr. Fox, and you might recognize that right off the bat. Jason Schwartzman is Ash, the kid fox the couple has, Bill Murray is the Badger, but the best suited voice is really that of Mrs. Fox who is voiced by Meryl Streep. Her voice was so strong but also motherly that it suited into the role best.

Filming:  The most charming thing about the movie is the artistic liberty someone took with the movie and dazzled the whole movie with color. Everything pops, and it's done in a way that stays with the same tone of the whole movie. The characters clothing even are well toned to the skin of the animals. It's a very detailed and well put together movie. Transitioning to animation didn't make the movie any less Wes Anderson either. The movie still relies on the same humor, the same shots, and even the folksy music to bring to life the story in the movie.

Plot: If you're a fan of Roald Dalh stories then you might like the story that is a bit whimsical and that is The Fantastic Mr. Fox. If you studied his stories in elementary school you might have also read Maltilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The animals in this act as if they are real people, but with animal instincts. It weaves in parts though where kids are trying to fit in, and couples have their own struggles in their relationships. If you're planning on watching it with your family though there is nothing so present about the adult themes that makes it inappropriate for kids to also enjoy.

Whether or not you're a Wes Anderson fan there is something just likable about this movie that stays with you. The whole atmosphere is well established from the beginning, and it still has these moments that get you attached to the characters. I also found myself laughing out loud to many of the scenes in this movie. It isn't as in your face with the humor, nor as adult, but it's still good.

Rating 9.5 of 10.

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