Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Food, Inc. (2008)

It's true you won't look at food the same way again. The movie was actually more depressing anything because it's just a losing battle of greed. As most the movies channel when they attack some sort of industry, whether it be corporations, Sea World, or your food it all leads back to greed and earning as much money as possible no matter what. The overall message of these types of documentaries are more depressing than anything. Even if it makes you more reflective of what you're eating you also get an insight of just how tightly what goes into your grocery cart is regulated.

Summary: In order to achieve greater profits many corporations have began to look at reducing cost of growing food or raising it in order to have the max profits they can earn in selling to consumers. This results in food that is grown in a certain way to make birds grow faster, feed cows with cheaper food that is corn instead of grass, and even patenting vegetables so a corporation can only make money off that one vegetable no one else has the rights to. After watching this movie you'll have a much better idea of what's sitting on your plate.

Acting: Well with this movie you have many appearances on the screen, and honestly the people they got to show their faces was shocking. As with most documentaries they will never get the people they are targeting to talk, but the fact they got people who working on some of these farms to let them interview was a bit shocking to me. One farmer must have been oblivious to what the documentary film was set out to do, and didn't know that a corporation who owns his farm would be really enraged to know he was considering letting them browse his farm place. So as soon as the corporation told him not to do that he backed away from his offer. They did find another woman though who opened her farm doors though without fear. The movie features plenty more just regular people who are the employees who are just trying to make a living and the finger is never thrown at them.

Filming: The movie is pieced together well to transition and build up to the end. Thankfully after all the depressing news you get the movie does try to provide hope at the end for you. I like how the film uses very soft music to keep it alive, and then progresses to each process from chicken, to beef, to pork, and then a light touch on crops. I felt though that a lot more could have been explored and said, but it at least hits on pinpoints to get you thinking.

Plot: The movie is only so long enough to give a brief but honestly scary enough insight to the industry of food. It's odd how money can grab a hope to anything and completely flip the intentions of what something might have originally been intended for. Sadly, when trying to save on the cost of food production though it can have some serious consequences regarding the health of consumers. Many people talk on film, and even those who have sad stories that we couldn't imagine happening to us, but just as easily could.

Food, Inc. gets it's point across, and leaves you feeling the impact as well. If you watch this movie you might not look at your plate the same way again. You also learn a lot of things that you are very unaware of. I know people who are very health cautious who weren't even aware of some of the things claimed in this film.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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