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Wednesday Movie Night: Man of Steel (2013)

 Hollywood may have finally found the Superman reboot they have been looking for after a failed attempt a few years ago. With bigger names signed on, and the help of Christopher Nolan producing along with Zack Snyder's directing you have a Superman that is more up the alley of the direction the previous Batman's went. So for those not liking the darker comic trail that has been blazing through then this might not be that appealing. The story is good, the action if fantastic, particularly the CGI, and they give a good go at trying to make Superman more of a compelling character. Giving Superman dimension is really difficult especially when Henry Cavill is a little dry in emotions as well.

Summary: Clark Kent has been raised by a parents that took him in after his mysterious arrival on earth. Jonathon and Martha have encouraged their son to keep his strength a secret in fear of how the world would receive him if they knew. Clark though as an adult is becoming more curious about his origins. When General Zod arrives on earth to take Clark captive he has to face up to the possibility of the world finding out he exists to rescue them from Zod taking over earth for a new habitat to make home for his species.

Acting: Henry Cavill takes on the lead as Superman, Clark Kent, or Kal-El. He has a lot of "also known as." Cavill approaches the role well by playing himself up as the good guy, the acting in itself never makes Superman darker than he actually is. Overall, he really is the good boy we've always associated with Clark Kent. He respects his parents wishes that he remain unknown until he finds the reason he was sent to earth. There is something a little dry about the role though. Cavill doesn't always present the lines with personality, and it's almost like the rest of the movie sometimes distracts from the primary character. Then again it could just be Superman's persona. He hasn't ever been that interesting to me. Amy Adams is the famous Lois Lane, the reporter and love interest of Clark Kent. Adams is okay in the role, but she does look a good bit older than Clark, the chemistry is a little dead. Michael Shannon is General Zod, and while the guy can act, and he does make himself scary in this movie, he also could have backed off the facial expressions. Russel Crowe is Clark's biological father, Jor-El. Crowe does well, and has one of his stronger roles in recent years. The movie also features Diane Lane as Martha, and Kevin Costner as Jonathon, Clark's adoptive parents, and they do good at getting us attached to their characters.

Filming: The special effects are really spectacular. I imagine this would have been a great movie to see in 3D when it came out. The colors also work well to keep the setting of the movie a bit darker than what we acquaint with Superman. Overall, the movie works the elements well together. You also have a musical score that makes the movie have this epic, comic feel as well.

Plot: What did catch me was the plot. I think the first half of the movie does start out stronger than the last half though. The first part of the movie we get a lot of character development and interaction to set us up to care. The last part of the movie focuses a lot more on just giving a lot of action. The balance works well, but I felt that Clark Kent could have used a bit more development. Hopefully with coming movies we will find that Clark Kent finds a lot more to tackle as he's tries to find a place on earth among humans.

Man of Steel definitely is the summer spectacular feast of 2013. The director isn't the strongest, but he has a lot of backing that takes the movie in a better direction. The CGI is well done, and they have an actor who suits the role well. Unlike Marvel Comics, which have been to take their comic movies in a lighter direction, DC Comics has found more of a spot with a darker league of characters.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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