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Wednesday Movie Night: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (2013)

So I've read almost all the Percy Jackson books, but the plot is a bit vague in memory. I do remember the major parts though! This movie was a long time in the making though as the first one was released in 2010, and didn't do overly great. With the fan base the books have though there is a strong want to continue to see the movies just from the fans, but that is if they are done according to how the book is, and from what I know fans, who were about the only ones that showed up last year for the movie still weren't satisfied. Anyways, as someone who isn't a hardcore fan of the book I did enjoy this movie, but there are some majorly weak actors in it.

Summary: After the half bloods safe haven is destroyed someone must find the Golden Fleece in the hopes of saving what is a safe place for them. There is a lot of threats though including an ancient one that is potentially being helped by someone to rule once again. Percy isn't feeling very confident though because since his help in finding the lightening thief he hasn't had much luck succeeding among his peers. Setting out with his friends, Annabeth, Grover, and newly discovered brother, Tyson he sets out on a mission to find the Golden Fleece.

Acting: The acting is missing a good bit from the movie. I think had it seemed all the actors were involved and invested in the story then it might have turned out a bit better. With the cast having been apart for two years, or perhaps three. They've missed a lot of what makes trilogies have that click about them that makes it work, because usually the cast becomes friends in real life and you can tell it on screen, but you can tell the cast hasn't had that level of working with each other. Logan Lerman is the lead as Percy, and I know Lerman is a good actor. I've saw him in some good stuff, but with this one he's just lacking a bit. He's good, but also a bit stiff. Alexandria Daddario is Annabeth, and I thought once the movie gets rolling she fits right into the role. I was expecting a lot more of Brandon T. Jackson as Grover, and hoping that, but the wit and humor is there, but I wanted to see more. The weakest though comes from Douglas Smith as Tyson and Leven Ramblin as Clarisse. You probably remember Ramblin from the first Hunger Games movie, the blonde girl who was teamed up with the bad guys in the games and died from the hornet stings. For some reason she hasn't grew as an actress, and here she really over does the spite again.  I feel at least Jackson, Lerman, and Daddario are stronger actors to carry the movie.

Filming: The special effects are well done, and I can imagine if you saw it in 3D in theaters you got your money's worth as far as that. The movie is very geared toward the 3D market. I did love the colors though just on a regular television, and I felt some scenes were well put together. The amusement park adds a nice touch to the action of the movie as well. The movie is really short for a movie that has a lot to cover though, but I felt each piece was well paced, and explained for those who aren't reading the books.

Plot: I think the plot has a lot of action and adventure, and since it is aimed toward families there is enough in the movie to make it appealing and a safe watch. There are aspects of the plot that might fill underdeveloped because the movie does try to expand on a lot in a short amount of time. The favorite part of the movie for me might have been the pop ups like Stanley Tucci or Nathan Fillion who had roles, and they entertained.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters was meant to continue on the series, and perhaps even revive it after the not so strong debut of the first, but the second made even a weaker ripple on it's opening weekend and it may be the of the series. I honestly hope they find a way to continue it on, because I do enjoy it, but with the weaker ratings each time who knows?

Rating 7 of 10.

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