Monday, February 3, 2014

26 of 1001 Songs: Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire

Kings of Leon's album Only By the Night seemed to be the peak of success, but also the one that prior fans of the band broke away from liking the more cleaned up sound they were heading in. This isn't about the album though Only By the Night, but instead about the most popular song from the album "Sex on Fire." The song to do this day is still popular, and hate it or love it it is pretty dang catchy.

History: The first single to be released from Only By the Night was "Sex on Fire." It was perhaps the best choice the band could make as it caught a lot of attention. It would be the first time the band would achieve number ones in many countries over seas, and spur many digital downloads, and it would sky rocket the band to fame over seas in the United Kingdom. The song has received many positive reviews, but not everyone has been so kind to it. The song though did receive quite a few award nominations, particularly at the Grammy's, apart from the album itself.

Vocals: Caleb Followill is the vocalist of Kings of Leon, and his voice really is something to listen to, and he can carry it well live too. It does have the distinctive quality of being from the South, and I think it gives a song like this even more character. It's nicely toned with the Southern instrumentals in the song that do give it a bit of Southern rock vibe yet not too country. It's also obvious that Followill has cleaned up his vocals in the studio a bit in comparison to how his voicing was sounding on previous albums where it was a bit more raw.

Instrumentals: In an interesting mix the instrumental arrangement is what inspired the lyrics. The music was composed first, and then the lyrics were set to the vibe of the song. I think it also shows something about the band I like. The other musicians in the band are two brothers of the singer, and a cousin. You have Nathan Followill, Jared Followill and Matthew Followill. The obvious catchy part to this tune is the guitar. The guitar rhythm will get stuck in your head if no other part of the song does, but I honestly do enjoy how it sounds.

Lyrics: I remember the lyrics getting some jokes as while the song sounds sexy, the lyrics leave for some interesting thoughts on why the sex is on fire. Regardless, it doesn't make the song any less sexy. The way the vocalist is pacing his voicing to the lyrics, and the projection of the instrumentals with it make it a song that does necessarily emphasize the importance of the lyrics, but more so the vocals and the instrumentals. Let's be honest it's obvious the lyrics weren't taken too much thought to. If you read the lyrics there are just parts that make you go "huh?"

King's of Leon's "Sex on Fire" might be a song I honestly just turn on for the heck of at random points in the future. It has a good sound, and it honestly never gets old. There just isn't always the occasion you are looking to put on music like this. I do enjoy the best parts of the tune though that isn't the actual lyrics, but so the composition of it.

Rating 9 of 10.

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