Thursday, February 13, 2014

28 of 1001 Songs: Santogold's L.E.S. Artistes

So at the time this song was recorded the artist now known as Santigold instead spelled it Santogold, so I just spelled it the way it was at the time of recording. This was an artist I had heard the name of, but wasn't familiar with, and I have to say it was a nice surprise. This artist sings what is known as pop, but also the modern take on new wave that honestly has struggled to be as popular a genre since it left with the 80's. To be hones though I don't know that new wave could ever truly exist anymore without the sounds I acquaint with the genre.

History: Santogold would cause a stir with her debut album that would release a couple of hits. Her second single would be L.E.S Artistes. The song did receive good critical attention, but it seems that Rolling Stones would really love it. It also was a bigger hit in the U.K. than it was even in America at the time of it's release. The song was released in 2008, but there are already bands covering the song.

Vocals: Santi White is the vocalist, and she does have great vocals. They don't over do it, so the spotlight of the song is evenly balanced all around between her singing and the arrangement of sounds backing her. For those who like a cooler pop sound her voicing captures it very well. It's chill, but also still maintaining an artsy vibe to the whole song.

Instrumentals: The song does involve a new wave aspect. So you hear traditional instruments like the drums and guitars, but there is a whole other layer of sound happening as well beneath what they've arranged through those outlets. There are wide range of instruments being credited for appearing on the album including a horn arrangement, organs and more. It's the keyboard that brings in a bit of the new wave sound some might be looking for though.

Lyrics: I honestly like the very inspiring lyrics of this song. Santi White did explain the lyrics to be about her move to New York and how she believed their was a fake artist vibe going around, and it rubbed her the wrong way. So this song essentially puts off the vibe about being real about who you are and the beliefs you have as an individual. There are some easy to relate to ideas in the song. Like most music nowadays the lyrics are obscure enough so just about anyone can take it to a situation and apply it to your own situation, and with a song like this that does work.

Santogold now Santigold, has made a good song with this, and it has gotten me interested in exploring further. It's upbeat, and balances the tones of seriousness well without being a downer. The vocals are also strong, and don't over power the song too much, and leave even balance for every element of the song as well. My biggest obstacle is that I just don't know how well I would remember this song down the line.

Rating 8 of 10.

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