Monday, February 24, 2014

30 of 1001 Songs: The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition

So at one time Sweet Disposition became a really huge song. It was used for multiple trailers and appeared on commercials like Coca-Cola. It became so popular that listening to it just in your spare time made it almost unenjoyable as you couldn't align any meaning with it anymore apart from the thousands of advertisements it had been featured with. Regardless, my love for this song is still strong, and stronger now that it's fame has died down.

History: So the band is from Australia, but this song would be a bigger hit to other countries like the UK or Ireland instead. I find that pretty huge. The song though would be a bit delayed in getting a response in America, as it took the trailer for (500) Days of Summer to popularize it here. I was one of those who found the song through that trailer. The song appears on the debut album from the band, Conditions.

Vocals: Dougy Mandagi is the lead vocal of the band, and well depending on your style either the pitch will be appealing or it won't. It's one of those bands that the lyrics get lost very easy while you're listening to the singing style of the vocalist. I think the backing vocals provided by the rest of the band make the song sound really beautiful though. The whole vibe of this song has a very positive and uplifting vibe, while also sounding serious. I find it rare that vocals achieve almost a feeling of crying, but also with a touch of joy in the tone. It's a real song that shows a lot more real emotions.

Instrumentals: The instruments sound great, and I really love the guitar playing in the song, which I don't know who to exactly attribute to because the guitar is played by Mandagi and at the time band member, Lorenzo Sillito. Sillito was the lead guitar player, and the one most likely contributing to the sound I loved about this song. The drumming beat from Tony Dundas sounds good as well, and I love how instrumentally the whole song picks up together. Even with the bass guitar from Jonathon Aherne you get a bigger beat to the song that makes your heart pick up with it that makes this a song worth listening to.

Lyrics: So this is one of those songs that has very vague lyrics, but there is something so upfront about the lyrics that you feel you know what they are talking about anyways. It uses all these words that create an imagery for the listener that hit us with how we feel when we associate those words with our own life, or have even caused a sweet disposition. Now I'm not usually into the vague lyrics of late, but I think they work great here. The lyrics are paced with the song to sound good, and increase fast the more the emotions come at you.

I know this song is very generic, and well it's unpopular to those who want to listen to cooler music, and for some reason this song rode the line between being too mainstream, but also too indie for listeners, and it led to The Temper Trap never really getting off the ground beyond commercials. This is a beautiful song that I feel is just being honest when I listen to it, and I feel a lot of real emotions coming from it that make me always enjoy listening to it, even today.

Rating 9 of 10.

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