Monday, February 3, 2014

Book Review: Nancy Zieman's Seams Unlikely

I don't sew, but I wish I did! I don't think I'll ever acquire quite the patience to though. What I was hopeful about though when embarking on reading this book was seeing how Nancy Zieman had managed becoming a successful business woman. She's had a lot that people could say was working against her, but she really powered through to become a household name. Perhaps it's because I was only a baby near the height of her fame, but I was unaware of who she was. Regardless she has a remarkable story, but I wish this book would have focused a tad more on the actual business aspect.

Summary: Nancy Zieman runs her shop, Nancy's Notion and she also has her own television show Sewing with Nancy. Now Nancy is sharing her story. As a baby she developed Bell's Palsy, which paralyzed one side of her face. While many recover from this, Nancy did not. This didn't hold her back. At an early age she formed a talent for sewing in 4-H, and went on to study it in college. She shares how she made it a business and how the values of family are closely intertwined in her work and personal life.

Characters: Nancy Zieman is what the forefront of this book is about. You also though get to know her husband, her parents, her parent-in-laws, and her children. Zieman provides a perfect balance though of never getting too personal. She always keeps what she tells about them focused on how they works with her business. I believe that she also will provide a lot of comfort to women who struggle with balancing being mothers and working as well if they've chosen, or can't stay at home with their children. Zieman's personality also seems very prominent through the writing. She writes in a very straight forward way. There isn't a lot of emotion within her writing, and she admits that she did grow up in a bit of an unemotional family. This makes it rare female writing.

Writing: As mentioned there aren't many emotions in the book, and for parts where she is recounting what sounds like it would be emotional moments it does take away from how interesting the book is. She goes into detail about some aspects of the business and even her own life that just aren't interesting. For example she provides recipes and then goes into detail about the size of her sewing books. It gets overly technical for those who might not be interested in reading all that. For readers who have watched Nancy on television and feel like they might even know her though they will like the personal touches such as the recipes.

Plot: The book does build the story very well of her life. We begin with the birth of Nancy and how her childhood was, which of course leads into how her interest in sewing became. If you're expecting to get a book where she brings much attention to Bell's Palsy, well that isn't really the case. You hear even more about the knee surgeries she endured than that. I've got to say this woman has dealt with a lot and has powered through it. It's like she can't be held back from her dream, and that is inspiring. I also like how at the end of the book the book shifts more into her sharing a bit about how she has kept her business successful. I loved reading about that, and I felt inspired from her own accounts.

Seams Unlikely might be mainly picked up by her fans that have watched her on television, and rightfully so because it seems to be written for them. I do like the other bits though that appealed to me who was not someone who ever watched the show before. I've had many down days in my own endeavors and stories like this just continue to motivate me.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

This book was provided by Glass Road in exchange for a review.

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