Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Movie Review: About Last Night (2014)

So if you went out for Valentine's Day this past weekend you might have noticed several options for viewing, but surprisingly none of those included a Nicholas Sparks' based movie. So instead you were left with a couple of romantic comedies and one more romantic drama to choose from. Well I went to see About Last Night for my date. I think it was the right choice, especially since the theater I went to had in theater dining, and you were able to order drinks. There was enough wine to amp up the laughs.

Summary: Kevin and Danny meet friends, Joan and Debbie at the bar. Well they also both go home with these women as well and end up in bed with them back at their separate places. The night after though leaves budding relationships for Kevin and Danny, but they both handle the situations very differently. Danny is ready for a relationship with Joan, or so he think, while Kevin admits he may not be as ready to jump into something with Debbie. The two though may have more feelings swirling around than they thought.

Acting: Well depending on how you perceive acting either everyone is going to seem pretty solid in their roles or you feel some need to push themselves more. I felt though that everyone was pretty solid, and the humor is created well by the situations they are bringing to life. Michael Ealy is Danny, and Ealy isn't the most entertaining character in the movie, but he does have chemistry Joy Bryant who portrays Joan, I felt their relationship contrasted Debbie and Kevin's very well. Kevin Hart plays the comedic relief that you come to expect and perhaps even hope if you are a fan of Hart. I think Hart enjoys playing the parts he does, and he's not looking to do anything different. I appreciated the fact that he does just bring his usual humor to the screen because it was needed for any comedy aspect. There is also Regina Hall as Debbie, and surprisingly she might even be the funniest in the cast. She has great chemistry with Hart, and I thought they did portray some of the realer aspects of a relationship that couples will be relating to when watching the movie.

Filming: The whole movie captures the romantic vibe very well. The lights, the setting, everything is going for romance. Even the music utilizes songs that most people will enjoy in this type of movie. The movie though starts off really strong with the comedy, but then somewhere about midway through it drops off a lot and gets very serious, and honestly I just wanted more comedy.

Plot: The plot goes through the natural steps you might be expecting or hoping for when watching a romantic movie. The relationships start off good, they then bring in confusion, then turmoil, and then reconciliation. It may seem repetitive, but there are plenty of movies as well that try to go off the chart by ending badly, and to be honest who in the heck wants that when they are going to see a Valentine's Day movie? What counts is that the cast has chemistry and for the most part everyone feels true to their story. What I was hoping for more though was for the story to create humor and it does that.

About Last Night is a remake as well, and I haven't seen the original, but from the reviews I've read this remake is actually better reviewed so far. So you might not be missing much if you check out this one instead. It makes a great date movie as well. It has a lot of elements that work to create the atmosphere those looking for a date night are hoping for.

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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