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Movie Review: That Awkward Moment (2014)

I know this movie hasn't been getting the best of feedback, and well it's being wrote off for it's romantic comedy ways even though three guys are marketed heavily for this movie. I think people write off this movie so easily, and I didn't get all the hate. People loved The Hangover 3 more than this? What the heck?! And a lot of guys have complained about already seeing this movie, and blaming it on their girlfriends for going. I know plenty of guys who have enjoyed this movie though, including my fiance. I would say it might even be more appealing to men than women in some aspects. Regardless, don't let people guilt you into disliking the movie. It was a nice surprise for me.

Summary: Three friends, Jason, Daniel and Mikey are at confusing points in the relationships they are in, and have to decide where exactly they are going. The fact they are all in a contest to stay single together though may wreak havoc on their dating lives. Jason is a player who meets a woman that he finds himself interested in more than just a one night stand with. He's not sure he can actually commit if he wants to stay with her. Daniel is falling for his friend who is very talented, but the competition of staying single with his friends is keeping him from telling anyone about it. There is also Mikey who's wife has filed for divorce. He is hoping to save his marriage, but if it's not possible can he walk away?

Acting: Zac Efron is the lead as Jason, and this might be one of Efron's better roles. I feel like he has been working so hard the past few years to get away from his teen image that the roles have just been too much. The Paperboy was just a terrible movie, and in my opinion even ranks lower than the Nicholas Sparks one he did. Efron in this one seems to find a balance between his youth and adulthood that works for a more natural transition. Miles Teller is really my favorite of the cast though as Daniel. Teller is naturally funny, and even provided any and all humor moments in The Spectacular Now despite it not being a comedy. He's got a naturally comedic presence. Mikey is played by Michael B. Jordan. He was in the indie drama last year, Fruitvale Station. I believe the guy is a good actor, and in this movie I thought he was suiting for the role. That rounds out the male cast, but there is a female for every male. Imogen Poots is the woman that Jason falls for, Ellie. Poots has a personality in the movie that makes it clear why Jason is going after her. Mackenzie Davis was probably my favorite of the females though as the friend of Daniel, Chelsea. She just seems more cool and laid back. There is also the wife of Mikey, Vera who is portrayed by Jessica Lucas. Of all the women Lucas has the least screen time leaving her personality a little underdeveloped.

Filming: The movie is set appropriately in the winter. This does help the vibe of the whole movie. There is almost a glossy look to the already very winter driven setting. Also I got to give credit to Tom Gormican because this is his first movie and it just looks great. He also wrote the screenplay as well, and I think this is why guys are able to relate to the movie so much better. I did enjoy the music they picked for the movie as well because it puts me in mind of an 80's romantic comedy, and livens up the dead of winter which is what we are in now.

Plot: The plot weaves in three different scenarios to try to relate to. The only weak part for me was that as a female I didn't find myself relating to any of the moments depicted in the movie. The jokes are really the best part. The humor isn't over the top, but it comes with getting to know the characters, and I like how stories like this take a moment later in the film and draw comedy from it because you already know the characters. I was actually even using some of the lines in the movie to joke around with my fiance later on in the weekend. It also doesn't get too unrealistic as they try to keep the outcome of relationships real, but also a bit romantic comedy as well.

That Awkward Moment is sadly taking a lot of heat. I don't know what people expect when they go to see these sorts of movies, and why critics feel they shouldn't exist because of their premise? The movie is well acted and the guys seem to grow in their comedic timing with each other, and for fans of outtakes there is a whole load of them at the end!

Rating 8 of 10.

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