Friday, February 14, 2014

Pitchfork List: Radiohead's Amnesiac

The thing to like about Radiohead is how they can vary their sound yet you know it's Radiohead when you here their music. Amnesiac is a great album, but actually not one of the bigger know ones like say Kid A. There are some great songs, and the sounds particularly on the last song, "Life In A Glasshouse", is just amazingly beautiful. I wish more songs with a a jazz fusion had been on the album.

History: Radiohead would release their 5th album only a year after they released Kid A. Most the songs on Amnesiac actually were recorded in the same sessions as Kid A as well, which isn't surprising considering the close release dates. The album would still be very comparative in good quality to the previous album. Admitting, critics did't believe it to be as good as Kid A, but definitely one that was a stand alone great album.

Vocals: Thom Yorke has some of the most interesting vocals in music, and I've heard none like them. The guy seems like a huge introvert, perhaps not even polite, and his music channels a lot of how you might perceive him, particularly with Amnesiac. It's haunting, yet soothing. If you're sad it's not necessarily make you not depressed, but there is something comforting in the way Yorke projects his voicing. He also sings in a pitch that isn't common, yet it flows well with whatever musical arrangement they are using whether that be more alternative rock, or putting jazz into a song.

Instrumentals: Radiohead has a lot of additional instrumentals outside of their primary musicians. This can mostly be attributed to the fact that they use a jazz band for the last song, and which honestly is my favorite of the songs on the album. Colin Greenwood is the bassist for the band, Jonny Greenwood is a guitarist, Ed O'Brien is the other guitarist, and Philip Selway ist he drummer. I believe that the instrumentals are really well done. The recording is just solid to make a lot of rhythm with in the very somber tunes they are performing.

Recording: The album was recorded in 2001, but the way that Radiohead sounds really isn't something you could place in a box or time. They've done a great job at making albums that still sound good, and just like they could have been made today. I believe it also helped this album shine by recording most of it in the same session as Kid A. The sound is more cohesive, and can compete more with an album that a lot of people loved.

Radiohead is a band that is catching on with me. They are one that deserves to be listened to in a certain mood, because otherwise the music isn't just going to sit as well. The sounds are haunting and well composed, and they make some of the most well thought out music I've heard. A lot is taken into account when piecing it together.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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