Monday, February 3, 2014

Saturday Movies: Drinking Buddies (2013)

Following in the footsteps of watching That Awkward Moment earlier in the evening I felt in the mood for something that wasn't quite the same as that movie, but within the realm of my mood. Drinking Buddies is not quite as light, and by the end you realize the movie isn't very comedic or even romantic. It's more so just a straight up drama. Joe Swanberg gives us a complete little indie film though. There isn't overly fancy shots, very simple music, and real characters. The acting in this is what carries this movie into being before and beyond better than anything else about it.

Summary: Luke and Kate work at a brewery together, and they drink in their off time with one another as well. They both are in other relationships though despite the fact they seem to really click. They goof with each other, and they flirt. They even get serious with each other. A weekend away together with their significant others brings questions to mind about who really belongs with one another. The best matches may be unexpected though.

Acting: Jake Johnson is Luke in the movie, and I'm really excited about where this guy might be going with his career. I don't think he'll ever quite be leading man material, but he certainly works for indies and comedies. Hopefully New Girl isn't where his career stops. This movie though gives him the opportunity to work alongside some bigger names as well. Still though, Johnson is the best as Luke in the whole cast. He seems to have the most real and honest reactions when interacting with the others. Olivia Wilde is Kate, and this is also one of the better movies that I've seen Wilde in as well. She also has a very real persona about her personality. I couldn't help but be annoyed by her sometimes. Anna Kendrick is the woman, Jill, who is dating Luke. Kendrick portrays the role very well, and by the end her character seems a lot better defined. Lastly there Ron Livingston as Kate's boyfriend, Chris.  I haven't seen Livingston in anything else, and he was perhaps the least favorite of mine from the cast, but his acting is solid, but he was battling against a lot of personalities.

Filming: The movie is very typical indie style flick. That isn't a bad thing, but it does allow for the movie to feel boring in certain parts especially as the story seems to convey the same circle idea of how Luke and Kate seem to make a great match but don't get together. The music though and the atmosphere works great at key moments though. Like when Kate is being helped moving by Luke, and he falls asleep in her bed and she lays beside him. Those sorts of scenes make the movie hit a lot more emotionally. It's innocent and romantic, yet the circle of them doing nothing about it just beings to get at you.

Plot: The summary of the movie seems to just sum up the first forty minutes of the movie. Extending beyond that you wonder what you're really watching, and by the end you wonder what the plot of the whole movie is. Spoiler alert: Is the plot just to be about how being friends can be a good thing, and it's possible? I don't really know. I just felt like I went back into a circle from the beginning back by the end of it. As said if it hadn't been for the cast the movie wouldn't have felt as real. The way the cast interacts just feels so real it is like a snapshot into the times of people's lives.

Drinking Buddies is a nice and simple indie flick. It also has hipster written all over it. From the music, to the beer, to the bicycles, you won't escape that. I will say that movie poster completely doesn't match how anyone looks in the movie as well. They are all actually much more cleaned up on the cover. I guess they had to do a quick photo shoot after it was all over?

Rating 7.5 of 10.

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