Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday Movies: Last Vegas (2013)

There has been a lot of old men action movies, but there have been some old men comedies missing from the scene! Last Vegas definitely will make most of us think The Hangover, but flash forwarded to when everyone is in their 60's. The thing is this movie really is nothing like The Hangover, so you can scratch that. The comedy definitely is as I expected, but not quite like advertised either. Maybe I would have to be older to have heavier laughs? I thought the general premise, and some of the story lines though were sweet, and sometimes quite romantic. It's original, which I did appreciate.

Summary: Billy is in his sixties, and he has decided to finally marry, and it's to a woman who is half his age, she's only 32. In order to celebrate his union he is inviting his old friends to join him to have a bachelor's weekend in Vegas. He enlists Archie and Sam, but lets them invite Paddy as they haven't been on good terms. Hopefully whatever has been stewing between them can be put aside to celebrate. Once arriving there they meet Diana, who might mix up more between the men as they try to explore their identities as older men who still want to live life.

Acting: I feel like everyone from the cast does really well, even if you aren't even a fan of Michael Douglas, even the guy brings heart to the role he is portraying as Billy. There is also Morgan Freeman as Archie who honestly brings the best comic relief of the whole cast. Freeman just shows a fun side that he doesn't get to often in movies. There is also Robert De Niro as Paddy, and while I enjoy De Niro in his movies, and even did in this movie, I felt his character went right back to where De Niro feels safest. Somehow, even if vaguely he becomes the same personality he always is. Then there is Kevin Kline, who honestly I'm not familiar with like the rest of the cast, but I really enjoyed his scenes, and I have to say his story was surprisingly the best moments of the whole movie as Sam. I thought the love for his wife was just a great relief to see in a Hollywood movie. Sam's search to have an affair and discovering the connection he had with his own wife was just really surprisingly sweet.

Filming: The movie feels really long at times. I'm not sure if that is because they stay on one too many scenes for way beyond the time they should or what. The movie does have this very warm tone to it that I did enjoy, and I believe that certain scenes were captured very well like when Diane and Billy ride the thrill ride that is attached to the side of the building. The whole movie has this very fun vibe, but nothing very significant stood out to me as far as any trademarks regarding the movie.

Plot: Since you have four different characters you have four different things they are exploring. One being Paddy who is widowed, and hasn't moved on from his grieving. He's still trapped by his loss, and hasn't learn to embrace that he has a future he needs to live. There is Billy who seems to be latching on to a much younger romance instead of the true one that might better suit who he has grown to be. Archie is a man who is trapped in his son's home because his son is scared that his health will kill him, but Archie needs to assert that he is still a grown man despite his age. There is also Sam who has been married a very long time, and he's grown bored of the routine of his life. His wife gives him permission to have an affair, and Sam seems all more than excited to do it, until it comes time to do it.

Last Vegas strings together intertwining plots very well. For some reason some parts of the movie hit a lull for me though that left me feeling like I didn't want to watch, but by the end the characters grow enough to become compelling without having to force being interesting on you. The laughs are a little underwhelming, but there a few times the comedy hits good, and it's a sweet movie.

Rating 7 of 10.

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