Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Blue Jasmine (2013)

How people have responded to the movie is quite interesting. Some relate to Jasmine, the lead character, or others just plain hate her. Woody Allen though tells the story in his typical fashion, and it's another one to like in a long line of movies that he has made, and for others it will be a bit of a comeback after To Rome With Love was a flop with audiences and fans. Blue Jasmine though focuses on much of the same things that Allen movies do though including affairs and singleness. This time with a bit of mental instability through in.

Summary: Jasmine is a New York socialite who has arrived at her adopted sister's, Ginger, house to stay until she can get on her feet. With the recent loss of her husband and wealth her life is scrambled and now she is believing that maybe she can fall into the world of designing. Jasmine though has a destructive personality and her panic attacks hit at anytime, especially under deep stress. Ginger wants to help the only person she can call a sister, but she might drag Ginger down with her if she does.

Acting: The acting in the movie is really superb. Cate Blanchett was nominated in her role as Jasmine, and it was very deserving. Blanchett makes us almost feel for Jasmine, but just as she is she does something really bad. In comparison to Blanchett's other roles as well you can see the range she has with her acting abilities. Sally Hawkins is Ginger, the sister. Hawkins portrays the sister well, and gets us concerned for her, and hoping she will learn that maybe trying to save Jasmine just isn't a good idea. Alec Baldwin is Hal, the once husband of Jasmine, and Baldwin is very suiting for the role here.  Louis C.K. appears in the movie is Al, and while his part isn't long it gets you to hoping he finds more movie roles in the future after his appearance in this and American Hustle. Peter Sarsgaard also appears as Dwight, and for once in many of his movie roles gets us to liking him. Usually he is just so creepy!

Filming: The movie is shot in very typical Woody Allen fashion. Lately, he has been including more jazz as background music as well, which makes a huge stronger flare for his movies. There is also a very warm and inviting tone to the city that is captured even though the story itself seems a bit dark. Also, the humor is there as well, but this movie does feel a lot more serious than many other Allen films I've seen.

Plot: The plot was highly intriguing, and considering it's only around an hour and a half it does leave you wondering where he will take this in such a short time. Many might be disappointed by the abrupt ending, but I felt it was just right. It isn't really Jasmine you hope the best for after you've seen all that she is capable of honestly. Instead you'e just hoping that everyone can learn well enough to stay away from her. There is something you want to know about Jasmine though, and that is how she and Ginger turned out differently within the confines of being adopted in the same home. Ginger is more every day and deals with the typical struggles people might have. She is trying to find romance, she is raising two children, and she has finances to do deal with and struggle with. Jasmine got the completely different end. She married into wealth, never had children, and seems to want love more for the money than the feeling. I just want to know what caused this huge divide. Was it simply just meeting Hal and she loses all sense of anything else? Anyways, I did love the story. I love the questions it provides.

Blue Jasmine is a good, character driven story. I never felt bored at any moment while watching this movie, but more so because I was wondering when someone was going to catch on to Jasmine, or how Jasmine was going to explore next. If you were discouraged by To Rome With Love, then this one is worth returning to check out.

Rating 8.5 of 10.

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