Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)

I wasn't expecting much from a movie that Jackass was endorsing, but honestly it was way funnier and better than expected. If you haven't enjoyed past Jackass movies then I don't think that will be a determining factor in enjoying this one. Instead this movie goes more in the route of Candid Camera, but with a story. There was a plot that I didn't expect. It isn't about a kid who is just going through different antics with his grandpa, but there is a goal to the movie to watch play through by the end. '

Summary: After Billy is abandon by his druggie mother, he is left with his grandpa who has just lost his wife. Grandpa Irving finds where Billy's father is living though, and contacts him in order to get Billy to him. Now Irving is travelling across country with his grandson to get him there, but along the way he meets a variety of people who seem confused and sometimes upset by the odd treatment of his grandson. Even though grandpa seems a little out of the routine of raising a child he still may be the best fit to raise Billy though.

Acting: Johnny Knoxville puts on a ton of makeup to get ready, and be Irving who is 80 years old. Outside of the voicing, the makeup job is really good, but Knoxville doesn't sound old. He's otherwise convincing though, and he seems to have convinced a lot of people. There is also Jackson Nicoll who plays Billy, the little boy. As the movie continues on I believe that Nicoll becomes better throughout. He seems to become more believable as the kid. Him being more convincing also works to convince the adults they cross paths with as well. There is also Chuch Harris as Greg, the father, and Catherine Keener as Irving's wife, Ellie, who I didn't recognize past all the makeup.

Filming: Most of the shots are taken from a camera that isn't very high quality in the hopes of being obscure from the people they are trying to get real reactions from. The moments though still capture all the expressions and reactions very well though. Plus, they do tie in the story well through each different set up they film at, but it gets really good at the biker bar where the father is set to meet his son at.

Plot: I was shocked to see that Spike Jonze helped write the movie along with a few others. I didn't imagine him taking part in a plot like this after his other movies he's been involved with like recently, Her, and Being John Malkovich. Bad Grandpa though will surprise people though with how it's written despite the fact you're only expecting the movie for laughs and setting up other people going into it. I can't think of any other entertainment that has tried to do what this movie is attempting to do. I mean there are movies like Borat or whatever, but this movie instantly lets people know they are only filming right after they set up the piece of story they need to film, and then leave that setting.

Bad Grandpa above all will just be a funny movie. It's hilarious seeing how people respond to the scenario they have set up, and the story is well done along side just trying to see how people react to the scenario. It keeps you involved with two things happening in the movie and that is how people will react, and how the plot will develop.

Rating 8 of 10.

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