Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Movie Night: Carrie (2013)

So most when they heard a remake of Carrie was being made cringed. The 1976 version is a classic, and even has more notoriety than the book from Stephen King, and well if there was a version to pick between all three it would be the original with Stephen King! Carrie though looks to modernize much of the antics in the 1976 movie. Now there is Youtube to torture Carrie, and a very preppy pretty school. You don't need to be plain like Sissy Spacek's Carrie to be bullied, just less ranking in a pretty school.

Summary: Carrie White is now in school after years of being homeschooled by her strictly, religious mother. Carrie is very sheltered as a teenager, and after embarrassingly getting the arrival of her period at school she finds herself even under more bullies than ever. Something else arrives as well though with womanhood, telekinetic abilities! Carrie though only hopes to fit in though, and break out from under her mom's tight rule. When a boy invites her to senior prom, Carrie thinks this maybe her chance, but instead the full extent of her powers will be revealed in a bloodbath.

Acting: Chloe Grace Moretz had a very fast rising career, and probably still does, but honestly who thought about casting her for this, and thinking it would be a good idea? She's a good actress, and she is even good in this, but whether you've read the book, or you watched the 1976 movie you know that her appearance embodies nothing that Carrie does. You can make her face look blank without makeup, or you can even mess up her hair to look unkempt, but there is nothing convincing to say that she is unattractive even on her worst day. There is one person though I liked better than in the original, and that is Julianne Moore as Margaret who is Carrie's mother. I felt she was convincing, and didn't have as laughable a performance. It was just much more serious and felt more like the mother in the book. There is also a lot of performances that are good, but don't necessarily shine. Like Gabrielle Wilde as Sue or Portia Doubleday as Chris. Then there are some like Ansel Elgort is Tommy, and Judy Greer as Ms. Desjardin. I think they are good in the roles, but they don't justify a whole remake for the acting!

Filming: Now my biggest problem was the vibe of the movie. I never felt scared or even like the movie was eerie. I think the inclusion of Youtube also killed it for me. I would have much preferred to put the setting in the 70's, and film it there. It would have gave the movie a lot more personality. The agai, Moretz isn't really scary either, so that may have contributed to it. The only chilling part of the movie is when Chris' face is slammed into a car window, and her face is shoved into the glass. That was horrific, but about it.

Plot: Now the plot runs about like you expect if you're familiar with the general idea. Girl is bullied. Girl is an outcast. Girl tries to fit. Girl has blood dumped on her head. Girl loses it on everyone. That is the gist of basically the plot of Carrie, and this one involves all that. Now does it play out exactly the same? No. I think the director was most aiming to make this a teen accessible movie because it's modernized in a lot of ways, and today we live in a world where the media is afraid to show anyone younger and not the idea of beauty on television. The biggest buzz kill is that Carrie is just way too pretty. that is about it, and well that Moretz looks really stiff and odd at the end of the movie. She just begins moving like a snake and hanging her mouth open. She is trying to look crazy! Hire someone like Spacek and they don't have to do that!

If you're going to do a remake then at least try to do the book justice in the attempt. I've read the book, and I know a lot of people don't agree with comparing the stories, but it's beyond me why directors don't think the story isn't good enough to uproot as is. What is it that needs changing so much they even remake the movie just to keep it changed? I was hoping for a more climatic ending as well, and even that didn't happen. The movie though looks sleek, has good acting, and will appeal to the audience it's aiming. I just haven't quite found the Carrie movie I'm looking for.

Rating 7 of 10

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