Wednesday, March 26, 2014

34 of 1001 Songs: Fleet Foxes' Mykonos

I remember when I first heard this Fleet Foxes song, I instantly enjoyed it. It's perhaps one of the most relaxing songs I've heard as far as being vocally and instrumentally appealing. It also has this very heavy 60's folk sound that much music claiming to be folk nowadays doesn't have. There are many harmonies and sound in this song that just sound great, and that is about the only way to describe it.

History: So Mykonos is from their EP called "Sun Giant". It would become successful and well reviewed by critics as well. It's one of the few songs I've read about that was released of recent in a 7" inch vinyl. Perhaps the others were that were released in 2009 and up, but I didn't find that. It seems that many enjoy the second half of the track though that changes tempo drastically from the first half.

Vocals: Robin Pecknold is the primary vocalist of the band, and has the perfect voicing for the tone of music they are performing. There are a lot of other harmonies happening in the tune created by the rest of the band as well though. A couple of those band members who were harmonizing have left now. I like how the tone of the vocals stays the same, but they vary the sounds and pitch to make it almost like an instrumental in itself as well apart from the instruments they are performing. It creates this haunting atmosphere along with their sound.

Instrumentals: I like how the band uses very basic instruments, but they create a sound that is unique to Fleet Foxes. You could hear them and pinpoint the song is theirs. They use guitars, bass guitars, drums, and what sounds to be a few other instruments to create the sounds and emotions of the tune. What is really intriguing about the tune is how they start off the song in a tempo that is slower, and more soothing like you expect from indie folk music, and then by the end there is a lot more force and a bit more bang for the ending, and it catches you attention how the song still has the same tone, but almost shifts gear to sound completely different.

Lyrics: Now I have to say the meaning of these lyrics are so obscure that it's difficult to relate to any of the imagery created. It's more of some catchy one liners and then a lot of outdoor imagery of the area they are talking about. I feel like it's about traveling, perhaps a feeling of unease at finding a place to call where they belong. Thankfully, the vocals and instrumentals create so much emotion that just the way they are singing they seem to be passionate about the meaning they have evoked into their own song to hear when they sing it.

This is still one of my favorites. I wish I could understand the lyrics a bit better, but I think the band creates the emotions and the tone of the song well enough to feel what they are singing as you listen. It's a very beautifully arranged song that makes us think of all the landscapes and climates they mention in the tune along, and yet also makes us feel something even if I can't quite put my finger on what that is.

Rating 9.5 of 10.

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