Tuesday, March 11, 2014

439 of 1001 Albums: Sebadoh's Bubble and Scrape

Sebadoh is a band I hadn't heard of, nor do I know of anyone personally who does. It seems like a band that a good many people would like though. The sound is appeasing, and it sounds like an influence of Weezer as well. There is something I did enjoy about this album, and though I can't remember quite what I want to listen again to find out.

History: In 1993 Eric Gaffney would release his last album with the band he founded, Sebadoh. He also would let this be the last time he wrote with them as well. In an album filled with heartache though he shows a lot of talent. The album was well received by critics as well with mostly positive reviews in feedback. Fans might also like or dislike the slightly varying new sound from recording in the studio, which the band hadn't done before.

Vocals: So most the band contributed to vocals, and I like how you can hear the harmonies they've incorporated into the songs. It makes them have that 90's style rock voicing that showcases the talent of the band. I like how they also have a lot of emotion to offer the listener. It feels like the lyrical content is resonating with me as I listen.

Instrumentals: Better than even the vocals though is the instruments. I like the arrangement of the instruments, and how they vary from each song. Some tunes give you a slower arranged sound, and while it shows the band has range it never veers out of their sound to not sound like them either. Lou Barlow is on guitar, and it's one of the strongest points of all the tunes. Eric Gaffney contributes to several instrumentals as well. Along with Jason Loewenstein. Bob Weston is credited with being the engineer.

Recording: The recording is very raw, but known for not being as raw as the other stuff the band has done. I think though that the feelings are captured well through the recording, and while a bit serious it keeps the album sounding a bit lighter as well. With all the band members contributing to song writing as well it also gives the song individual emotions from each member.

Sebadoh was surprisingly a good album that I did enjoy. I can't say that the first round of listening provided the most memorable moments, but there was something I heard in it that proved eventually I would like to give this another listen. With the mingling appealing vocals and the instrumentals I felt there were enjoyable and easy to relate to moments to be had.

Rating 8 of 10.

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